Digital Branding for Women Entrepreneurs

“When you feel true passion for something, you instinctively find ways to nurture it”

These golden words are straight out from Eileen Fisher’s heart. Do you know who she is? Of course, you do right? She’s the Wonder Woman behind the brand Eileen Fisher Inc. She doesn’t shy away from making her digital presence known to the world.

Just like her, there are many ambitious women all around the world. Many have made their mark in the ever evolving digital space. But many are still trying to figure their way out to make it big when it comes to digital branding. Be it Fashion, clothing, technology, writing, or science; women have always been passionate and amazing at what they do.

Digital Branding In The Digital World

They say ignoring digital branding is like opening a business and not telling anyone.

It’s exactly like that!

In this modern digital world where everything from legal services to dating is available online; it has become imperative for brands to be available on most of these online platforms and reach out to their audiences, at the right places and the right time.

Not only is it about marketing, but it’s also about creating a brand experience in the digital world. 

What It Means For A Woman Entrepreneur?

For an emerging women entrepreneur, digital branding can prove to be the holy grail of tools for creating awareness about their brand and grow the brand.

You want to make your product/services seen, girl?

Digital Branding Is The Way

We all know women are pro at communication (Don’t even try to fight with me on this one because I’m a woman and I will defeat all your points! #WomenPower).

So managing the digital branding can be a really helpful for them where they can showcase their products and services with panache and send the message across.

With the right planning, strategy and execution, Not only will their message be sent across, but it will be heard. They will be heard. Isn’t that 7 course of awesomeness served to them right in the comfort of wherever their base is?

Digital Branding for Women Entrepreneurs

Digital Branding vs Digital Marketing

Many often think digital branding is the same as digital marketing. But that’s not true. There’s a thin line between where digital marketing ends and where digital branding begins. 

Even though both are focused on promoting the product or service of a brand on a digital platform, where digital marketing’s goals maybe short term and mainly focused on driving reach and increasing sales, digital branding adopts a more holistic approach and focuses on raising brand awareness which will In turn lead to brand recognition and long term customer loyalty. 

Brand Equity and Women Entrepreneurs

Creating brand equity on a digital platform for a brand constitutes a significant part of the digital branding process.

Which is why our women entrepreneurs should explore the digital branding area and execute their digital presence plans accordingly.

A true woman entrepreneur has an extremely intricate eye to the details about what’s working for her business and what isn’t. She can evolve and rebuild her brand every time from scratch but she doesn’t have to.

Proper guidance, research or even hiring the digital branding agency best suited for her brand will help her go a long way.

Breaking Away The Inhibitions

Well, I know most women even now have quite many reservations when it comes to digital branding.

The digital space is a vast arena and it’s magnitude might make you feel intimidated. But we are we! And our ability to handle the complexities and multiple tasks at once comes in of great use here!

Digital Branding for Women Entrepreneurs

Ladies! Don’t Underestimate Yourself.

You’re born to be a leader and your passion will drive you to achieve everything that digital branding has to offer.

Managing multiple social media platforms, planning out content and executing their plans is something a woman can handle effectively and effortlessly.

Sometimes there may arise baffling questions as to which channels to invest in, but with proper research and analysis, a woman can easily zero down on the best digital marketing channels.

The Digital Branding Channels

According to Mabbly CEO, Hank Ostholthoff, digital branding is facilitated by multiple channels. As an entrepreneur a women’s core objective is to find channels which result in maximum two way communication and a better overall ROI for the brand. There are multiple online marketing channels available, namely-

  • New media marketing
  • Cross-media marketing
  • Retail media
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Internet branding
  • Email marketing
  • Search marketing
  • Social Media
  • Social Networking
  • Online PR
  • Game advertising
  • Video advertising
  • SMS Marketing

So a woman should check which channel aligns best with her product/services. Which channel best represents her brand through the digital space? Which channels can create new models for her keeping the traditional models intake? It’s not hard for a woman to find answers to such questions. Their research when they want is sneakier than the FBI’s. Jokes apart. Women are extremely capable of managing everything together with ease and joy and glory and that’s where they have a competitive edge in the digital space.


So many amazing women all around the world are overcoming various hurdles and balancing both their “responsibilities” and their passion about “making a mark”.

They’re starting small, setting a base in their houses and creating an impeccable online presence from within those four walls and making it big.

Their digital reach and presence has empowered them to create their brand and #Switchonthegirlwhirl back into motion.

We are proud of them. The ones who made it big, the ones who are making it big and the ones who are just starting out.

We’re proud of them all. Aren’t we?