Unprecedented times we are all finding ourselves in right now! We could have never imagined global corporations and businesses needing to come up with uber flexible working solutions almost overnight… People are self-quarantining themselves in record numbers. Italy is entirely under home restriction. In this difficult time, internet communities have become closer than ever. Want some data to prove it?

Microsoft reported a 500% increase in the usage of the Teams. Business chatting app, Pexip has doubled its business in the last month amongst global travel bans. We are looking at a new era of the online digital communication revolution, and as an entrepreneur, you should be asking yourself these questions regarding, how you are communicating digitally now;

Have I Done An Online Audit?

Websites are dealing with record traffic as people turn to online for entertainment. Why do you need an online audit? So, your visitors do not experience any errors or issues on the site.  They can seamlessly enjoy your content while the website handles the increasing overload of traffic. An online audit is key to uncovering all performance-related issues that you should resolve if you want to unleash the full potential of your business.

How Can I Improve My Online Presence?

  • There used to be industry-specific timelines for posting content on social media. For example, travel content was highly popular on Fridays because that’s usually when people made plans to go out for the weekend. Now that people are going on house arrest indefinitely, you need to cater to their cravings for your content round the clock. Studies have shown, businesses that keep the audience engaged tweet at least 15 times per day.
  • Promote your social media accounts. Your users need to know your platform. Add social media icons everywhere on the website, create relevant and trending blog posts that people can connect with. Engage in the discussion that people are having online. Your brand should be on the frontline in the battle to fight boredom, and you can grow big by pushing your message to consumers because everyone is stuck to their computers or phones.

How Do I Improve My Branding Through Videos Or Images?

You are not the only brand competing for attention, so naturally, the social media feeds are going to be crowded. You must take steps that differentiate you from the herd. The right way to do that is through eye-catching visuals, striking videos or images. No time left to be beige … build your visual personal brand now to be an effective STAND OUT – BE CHOSEN digital communicator with images and video messaging.

Don’t just use the garden-variety stock photos online. Provide people with something they can relate to – YOU. Share digital content that talks about behind the scene issues, and photos that accompany the depth of your story.

How Do I Build Trust In My Brand?

Build trust in the online community by engaging actively with users with excellent digital communication… Personally connect with others by liking their comments, responding to it, asking their permissions to share photos that will give them a sense of community and make them feel heard. Appreciate them, thank them and share the content they create. When people feel their contribution is being valued, they connect with the brand. That is how you build a community, and the opportunities are endless at the moment to STAND OUT – BE CHOSEN. 

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