Many people are recommending digital detox such as minimizing your screen time and focussing on the important tasks for the day. Whenever we talk to a friend paying attention to them makes them realize we respect them.  

Being thoughtful in the conversations can avoid unnecessary conflicts that may arise from reacting without thinking, and initiate a proper response. 

Taking breaks from social media can be beneficial in many ways. As many people have started socializing there are a lot of issues concerning them. People have started comparing themselves to different aspects that are not so relevant. However, the need to be appreciated and loved is the aspiration of every human being. These things are creating havoc in the minds of individuals wishing for others’ approval. These are further giving rise to mental health problems as cyberbullying goes on in many social media. It is necessary to take frequent breaks from social media unless it is a part of your job. 

Social media is not harmful, we can use it to watch educational content, and to use entertainment and other games. It also improves sleep, getting up to a fresh morning. When a mind is not cluttered, thinking is clear and allows us to make the right decisions, and increases our performance.