Have you experienced anxiety, depression or severe panic attacks? Check.

Have you been told it could be your smartphone, social media obsession or the multiple screens in your life? Guilty. 

Have you ever experienced body image issues? Maybe.

Too many “plandids” or selfies and not enough candids. Who me? Are you having a difficult time finding your passion, what makes your heart smile and your soul sing? Let me check Facebook. 

Is it our digital world or has life always been this challenging? 

I interviewed Lisa Gianvito, a yoga and wellness coach, to find out how she guides people to a healthier, happier version of themselves.

When Lisa started having panic attacks at age 27, she reluctantly turned to yoga and meditation thanks to doctor’s orders. Even though she’s a busy entrepreneur who owned a successful hair salon, she cherished her gym workouts. At the time, the words “yoga” and “meditation” did not exist in Lisa’s schedule or vocabulary. Little did she know,  they were about to. 

It seemed unfathomable something so passive like meditation could be so beneficial. As an entrepreneur or mompreneur, every minute is precious, calculated and measured on efficiency and productivity. Yoga and meditation don’t seem to gel with our multi-tasking mentality. Slowing down, even stopping seems counterproductive in this 24/7 digital world.

Reluctantly, Lisa took her doctor’s advice. After listening to a few meditation tapes there was that Aha moment when her mind actually stopped for a minute, and that feeling felt…well…*good*!

“I started listening to a guided meditation and I quickly noticed that my mind wasn’t racing and my heart wasn’t beating out of my chest. Then I added yoga videos (there were no yoga classes where I lived),”  Lisa said. 

“It felt really good and I began to see my body in a whole new light.”

Like many people who try yoga and meditation, Lisa wanted more. So much so she went on to and received her 200-hour yoga certification, then her 500 hours certification.

Fast forward to now, Lisa sold the hair salon she owned for 25 years and traded her outer beauty skills for a business focusing on the inner beauty of wellness. Today you can find Lisa as a mind, body, spirit coach offering doses of digital detox. 


We are one and whole. Lisa reminds us with her tips, we must focus on the mind, body, and spirit to make definite and positive changes in our lives.

Lemon Aid

Lisa recommends waking up to warm water and a half of lemon. Start your day with a warm cup of water and add in half of a freshly squeezed lemon. The idea is to get rid of the acidity in the body and although lemons seem acidic, they actually help reverse the acidity in your body with alkaline. 

Lemon water helps with the ph balance and triggers improved digestion, reduces heartburn, builds your immune system, contributes to weight loss, clears the skin and speeds up the body’s elimination process. Who knew one food could hold so many detox benefits?

Meditation Baby Steps

After you start detoxing your body, your mind is next. It can be intimidating to start working meditation into your daily schedule; especially when it feels like you are not really doing anything but sitting.  

Lisa recommends starting with an app such as InsightTimer – you can pick a mediation, from one minute to 45 minutes long and you can customize your experiences such as mood, sound and time.

InsightTimer offers special tracks on love, relationships, anxiety, sleep, and depression. You can even look at the advanced and upgraded options from the free version and join Groups, take courses and be part of a community of 5 million InsightTimer meditators. 

Just Move

Forget the gym membership or waiting for a friend to go with you to a studio. Get up, get out and walk outside. Pause the gym membership and save your money.  Keep it simple and honor who you are. There are also tons of free videos on YouTube.

Positive Transformation Starts with Affirmation

The number one thing that helped Lisa G transform her life is a positive affirmation. She would use positive affirmation when journaling, and by repeating mantras over and over again in her head. This is called reprogramming your brain with positivity. Mantras should always be spoken and written in the present tense as if you already have or already are the thing you want. 

I love myself 

I am happy

I am strong

I am compassionate

Reprogramming your brain is possible. Even if you are on the treadmill, start repeating the affirmation. Soon, you will see things in a new light and the negativity shifts and possibility begins. 

Be Honest. Be Authentic.

You can justify the shit out of your life, it does not get you anywhere.

Be real, be honest and make the commitment. Stop procrastinating.

If you really want to change, you will do it.

The reason you don’t want change is because you don’t want to do it!


The After Party 

This is a sample chapter of Lisa Buyer’s upcoming book Digital Detox Secrets.

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