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The 21st century has forced us to become more dependent inside of a digital world. Our social connections, homes, cars and even work-spaces are powered and impacted by the growth of internet connectivity. However, social media still continues to find itself in a world of its own.

Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram are shaping the way we communicate but they are also redefining the capabilities of every consumer in the marketplace. Content creators and influencers have forced top brands to change their marketing strategy and reconsider their brand identify, in a way that we’ve never seen before.

Recently we sat down with Olya Novozhylova (@notbasicblonde_) to learn more about social influence, it’s process and the major impact it can have.


What do you think about the world of digital media? How did you get interested in blogging and becoming an influencer?

The work of digital media definitely took over our society, especially us millennials. My mom inspired me because since I was a child, she always dressed me very fashionably. I always was a big fashionista! I used to get in trouble in school, and sent home to change, because I was too cool for school (lol), too fashionable! My principal called me a fashion lawmaker in school, she announced that in front of the whole school at our prom. I finally decided to start my blog and share my passion for fashion with other women!

How do you think digital influence impacts our social well-being? Do you think that social media can negatively affect us?

With digital influence, there is a lot of broken hearts and anger, because people spend time comparing themselves to someone else. Social media definitely gives us a lot of anxiety, that I used to suffer from as well. You’re on your phone 24/7, no weekends, no vacations because when you have a weekend or vacation, you still have to constantly share your life with your followers, to keep them interested! I’ve learned to set boundaries and give myself time off, so I can relax!

Do you believe that social influencers should contribute more towards raising societal issues? Does a large following mean more responsibility?

Of course, they should! I try to educate and give something helpful to my followers every day. Behind pretty pictures, there has to be some kind of greater purpose that serves society. With any size of following you have a responsibility for what you provide to your followers. With a larger following, you just have more people that are looking up to you.

Olya Novozhylova

Do you think that digital media/marketing has shifted the balance of power for influencers instead of brands?
I think brands still have more of an advantage because influencers are struggling every day to have their followers grow. Instagram algorithms are not being helpful at all either.

Instagram has been making frequent changes to the app and algorithm. Do you think changes such as the potential removal of likes will impact influencers?

I think that change will help Influencers because it won’t be a rat race and hurt the feelings of so many worried about the number of likes they are receiving.

7. What are your goals as an influencer moving forward?

I keep my goals very private until everything is ready for an announcement. However, I try to inspire and make my followers happy every day. Good vibes only!

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