Jordan Lintz is a Digital Marketing guru and the founder of HighKey Technology.

Over the past few years, Jordan has built excellent relationships with thousands of individuals and has helped them achieve their life goals.

Today, we will uncover the virtues and principles Jordan has used to attain success in every aspect of his life.

Handling the Stress 

Stress is something we face every day. 

Stress is caused by us imposing to much work on our bodies or worrying about the problems we might encounter during the day.

And as a result of this, most of us succumb to the pressure and fail to achieve the daily goals we set out to achieve.

Jordan’s fix for this is simple; 

Handle your top priorities first – spend less time worrying about the smaller task and ensure you work on the most important issues first.

Once you complete the harder tasks, the rest will look much easier to accomplish.

Avoiding Burnout

We’ve all experienced burnout at some point in our lives.

Burnout is a state of overall exhaustion caused by prolonged stress on our bodies.

This, in turn, reduces our output and might even lead to a more severe health issue.

To avoid burnout, Jordan suggests that you find something you’re passionate about. This way, whatever you end up doing won’t seem like work. 

Since you’re already passionate about it, it will feel like a fun activity instead of work.

“Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life.” – Jordan Lintz

Overcoming Obstacles

In life, obstacles appear each time we are about to surpass a significant milestone or achieve success.

The next level always seems out of reach because of these obstacles.

In the face of obstacles, Jordan keeps his head high and ensures he takes an optimistic approach when solving them. 

Overcoming most of these obstacles is easier when you put plans in place to solve them instead of dwelling on them.


We all have that one thing that drives us to do remarkable things, you know! 

That element that gives us the required motivation or pushes we need to set out on daring adventures. 

Jordan’s motivation comes from the need to establish a stronger brand, make new connections, and improve the lives of individuals all around the world. 

Attaining Success

So, what are the key factors that have contributed to Jordan’s success?

Well, the only two habits that Jordan has made sure to add to his daily routine is dedication to his hustle and building meaningful relationships with clients.

The moment you understand that business isn’t only about chasing big cheques, only then will you discover the true meaning of success.


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