The global pandemic has had a devastating impact on individuals and businesses. With people spending less time outside of their homes and less money on goods, products, and services, many businesses are struggling to make ends meet. This means having to prioritize expenses and for many, changing day-to-day operations just to stay afloat. Now, more than ever, digital marketing companies are hard at work to prove that they are not only beneficial but essential to a business’s success. 

Why Digital Marketing is More Important than Ever

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Especially for small businesses, customer engagement and interaction are essential to staying afloat. This includes engagement online and offline. The pandemic has caused a major disruption to this activity, making it harder to maintain customer relationships and bring in new ones. This is where digital marketing becomes especially useful. 

With strict social distancing measures in place and many people forced to quarantine inside their homes, we’ve seen a remarkable shift toward different methods of business operations. We’re seeing more online business than ever before, and with that shift comes a need for effective digital marketing strategies. Both small businesses and large companies depend on marketing to reach a wide audience through online platforms such as social media.

Digital marketing, as opposed to print advertising, can help reel in new customers and keep your business thriving for much cheaper. A digital marketing strategy can be streamlined to target specific audiences. Digital marketing experts pinpoint which areas of a business’ marketing strategy need to be adjusted. This includes making sure the content shared is appropriate and effective.

Additionally, with the right digital marketing strategy, a company can avoid major losses. A digital marketing expert will analyze data and help a company adjust its business to address changing demands in the most beneficial way. With a more streamlined approach, marketing is targeted to specific groups of people to ensure optimal success.

With the right digital marketing campaign, you can take advantage of opportunities to get attention from the people who are spending more time online.

Why You Shouldn’t Cut Back on Marketing

Because of COVID-19’s impact on various industries, many businesses have seen a drop in the demand for their products, goods, or services. To avoid losing too much money, these businesses are forced to make spending cuts. However, cutting spending on marketing is a tactic that can quickly backfire.

Past recessions now serve as examples when discussing why a company should avoid cutting back on marketing. Spending less time and money on marketing results in the loss of business, which can be especially detrimental during tough times. When a business has to cut back on their availability, customer interest and brand awareness can take a major hit.

Drastically cutting back on components like marketing can have such a negative impact on demand that the business as a whole may struggle to make it through the pandemic. Small businesses can’t afford to cut back on marketing, so instead, they have to rely on more creative marketing techniques. By being selective with marketing methods and choosing marketing that is more cost-effective, you can give your business the best possible chance of making it through the pandemic.

It’s worth noting that if your business is struggling during the pandemic, you might want to look into the various coronavirus loan relief options that are available for small businesses. These loan relief programs can help small business owners with expenses and take a significant amount of pressure off the temptation to scale back.   

Digital Marketing During A Pandemic: Keys to Success

Digital marketing companies are working overtime to help businesses during the pandemic. But digital marketing during the pandemic is a delicate balancing act because now, more than ever, it’s important to catch a potential customer’s attention without overwhelming them. This balance applies more to certain industries than it does others, with far more attention being given to healthcare and the media. E-commerce is also experiencing a boom. But that leaves small businesses, especially brick and mortar companies, grasping for attention. That’s where digital marketing can help.

Care for the Customers

Caring about customers is one thing; caring for customers is another thing entirely. During times of crisis, like the global pandemic, what people crave more than anything is empathy. Digital marketers have to first understand what the customers are going through and how it might be making them feel. This pandemic has left people feeling anxious, uncertain, and frustrated. The last thing you want at this time is to come off as tone-deaf.

Having empathy for your customers is more about showing them you care, rather than telling them. For example, a customer-exclusive program benefits both parties by showing customers how much they mean to your company while encouraging more customer engagement for your business.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Personal

When the majority of business is conducted virtually, it can become difficult to maintain the personal aspect that in-person events provide. Notice we said difficult, not impossible. The key here is personalization. Every successful marketing company knows that personalized content has continuously outperformed generic content, and this applies even more during the pandemic. By offering personalized content, you are showing that you are able to help your customers by providing a solution that is best suited to them.

However, sending personalized emails isn’t enough. To make the most of a personalized marketing strategy, you should personalize content across every possible channel. This includes your website, direct mail, display advertising, and online chat services. The more personalized your approach, the more connected to your brand current and potential customers will feel.

Effectively and Clearly Communicate Any Changes

Many businesses have had to change many aspects of how they operate, including how they deliver products or services and, in some cases, what products they offer. If a business is offering new products, changing its business hours, or providing alternative shopping options, these changes need to be communicated clearly across all digital channels.

By effectively communicating all changes, customers will know what to expect and will be less likely to get upset if their experience is different than before the pandemic.

Optimize Your Strategy

Because millions of people are spending more time at home, they’re also spending a lot more time online. This is great news for digital marketing companies. But this also creates a greater need than ever before to provide a message that is consistent and more importantly, a brand that is seen. To optimize their brand strategy, digital marketing companies use marketing tools like this SEO reseller service at You can set up a business for success with the right SEO tools and a consistent message, no matter which channel is used to interact with the brand.

SEO tools are also beneficial when it comes to converting more immediate sales. The use of specific keywords can quickly and effectively answer questions and bring more focused traffic to your website.

Offer Something of Value

The pandemic has forced people to be a bit choosier with how they spend their money. While this is a challenge for digital marketing companies, it also means more opportunities for businesses to be more deliberate with their marketing. The content has to convince customers that the business is worth their precious money, even amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Collect Visitor Data

Regardless of how effective your marketing strategy is, there will be people who can’t or won’t support your business by making a purchase right away. Rather than brushing them off as a lost cause, give them a way to share their information so you can stay in touch. This can be as easy as encouraging visitors to sign up for your free email list or by rewarding them for sharing their information with a free gift or a discount code.

When visitors share their information, you are given the opportunity to follow up and potentially convert them into a customer later on, when they are able to make a purchase.

Connect with Your Peers

It’s easy to become so wrapped up in your own struggles that you forget your peers are also struggling. Why not use this common experience to reach out to your peers, if for no other reason than to encourage each other? You might be surprised by what can come of it. Use your common experiences to collaborate rather than compete. Times are hard enough, so there is no better time than now to lift each other up and give each other a better chance at making it through unscathed.


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