Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Digital marketing is definitely a realm that many people try to venture into, only to realize that they have no idea how any of this stuff works. When you’re looking into marketing online, you have to realize that (like anything else) there are going to be trends. When you can identify these digital marketing trends and then use them to your own advantage, there’s no telling how far you’ll be able to take your marketing projects.

When you can solidify a path towards success with digital marketing, you will begin to notice that things can remain somewhat consistent – as long as you’re willing to work for it. This article is going to look at some of the most important digital marketing trends that we’ve seen popping up for 2019, as a way to get you ready for the new year.

Facebook Is Still Relevant

Apparently Facebook is still larger than life itself, even with the tough 2018 that they had. They were looked at as being a terrible company, due to the leakage of data that occurred, but it seems like Facebook has become more of a “digital stepping stone” for older individuals. It’s stated that 41% of the users on the site right now are over the age of 65, which is definitely a staggering stat to be considered. The future of digital marketing will rely upon your targeted audience, so it’s critical to ensure that you can put together campaigns that apply to your target demographic. Facebook was considered to be dying, but at this rate, it’s merely morphing into an “older society” form of social media.

Instagram Is The Next Big Thing

Instagram has been huge over the last couple of years, but as of recent, the popularity of this application has gone through the roof. Facebook isn’t too worried about it though, as they had already purchased Instagram around 2017. Instagram already has well over one billion users active on the application right now, and most of the people responsible for the use of this app are under the age of 30.

Video Content Is A Necessity

When it comes to developing forms of content for your customers to soak up, there is nothing better than a properly put together video. Having a form of visual stimulation is critical, and about 73% of all American Citizens will use YouTube throughout their day. Video digital marketing is like blending together two of the best marketing mechanics around; you need to understand the budget and release aspect of this process before you can put everything together.

Video and audio are two of the most effective ways to get your product out there – that’s why commercials are a thing that massive corporations invest their money into. Solid video production and awesome audio to go with it is almost always a foolproof marketing scheme.

Whatever it is that you do, just know that your content still needs to be good. Potential customers aren’t going to give their money to a company that they feel isn’t even trying.