With continuous six month of the pandemic crisis of coronavirus and the social distancing and self-isolation has not only taken a toll on people’s mental health by increasing the level of anxiety over fear of infection, depression, anger due to the lack of planning and supplies plus frustration for the financial loss but also left people with the feeling of helplessness.

All these problems along with the shortage of healthcare professionals for treating both physical and mentally ill patients across the U. S and especially in more rural areas, in fact today, made people cling to the decade-old platform of telemedicine support.

In fact, its advantages had lead Medicare to expand the telemedicine coverage along with many other insurance companies too for a seamless telemedicine platform operation.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s) Section:

How the pandemic has changed the healthcare industry?

Though the platform was there helping the needed patients with all the support from the past few decades, it is now that the telemedicine platform got the maximum recognizing after the pandemic of coronavirus. Being a disruptor in the healthcare industry by improving the physical and mental conditions of the needed patients, today the access of telemedicine and CPAP machines is saving people life from being contaminated by the virus. In fact, it is the ideal solution helping in this time of crisis.

How telemedicine is helping us in this pandemic coronavirus crisis?

Alleviating the widespread shortage of healthcare professionals for both mental and physical treatment, the platform helps in making the treatment process more accessible and convenient to patients in need. Helping patients in receiving the treatment and from the privacy and the comfort of home, the platform lessens the connivance issues too.
Improving and increasing access for patient’s care from traditional face to face visits especially for one living in remote areas, the platform also decreased the rate of missed appointments.

Helping with customized care, the telemedicine platform also helps in focusing on how care is delivered through appropriately-timed assessments. With continuous telemonitoring, today telemedicine is proving o be the ideal solution, observed a renowned psychiatrist Dipak Nandi, M.D, while helping the coronavirus patient & administering them with the mental health treatment they need.