The current situation with this dreaded COVID 19 rampaging across communities, providers are scrambling to find viable solutions in telemedicine. To avoid crowding, stakeholders and even patients are looking to invest in telemedicine services. Some of the top companies like PlushCare have seen an increase in the number of appointments by 70%. App use of Amwell has increased by 158% since Jan 2020.

It is true that by implementing advanced solutions in virtual health, even quarantined physicians will be able to deliver care. In a small span of time, they will be able to diagnose and treat patients in a remote setup and minimize the influx of patients in the hospitals. There is no denying that telemedicine has the potential to reduce additional pressure greatly in the current circumstances.

Patients and clinical staff both get benefitted with telemedicine

As we find Medicare extending 100% coverage for telehealth consultations and paying the same rates as in-person visits, we find widespread adoption across healthcare facilities. Patients will be hugely benefitted as the clinical staffs especially the aging population at a higher risk of this disease. Also, telehealth actually helps in eliminating demographic barriers and extending care without being in close proximity, a huge need especially in the current circumstances.

Telehealth provides sustainable support, delivers the right support with care management solutions which is the need of the hour. To flatten the curve, you have to curb the spread of the disease, especially in the hospitals and facilities. Clinical staffs are getting infected with the disease and telehealth can be immensely beneficial in these trying circumstances.

Cloud-based solutions in telehealth help in delivering support, increase the number of users within hours and not taking days which is going to be the immediate need. Telehealth offers flexibility and a larger bandwidth in these trying circumstances.