Truth be told I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’m not judgmental about it the way I used to be. I would refer to Valentine’s Day as an ersatz Hallmark holiday, and I would get irritated by the volume of traffic on Valentine’s Day evening along with the impossibility of getting into a restaurant that night without reserving months in advance. I’m not such a curmudgeon these days.

Now that I am not so bitter and twisted I have an open heart for all those who celebrate this day of love, and I also feel compassion for those for whom this day evokes feelings of sadness or grief.

I did a talk this weekend and the title was “There Is Only One Relationship.” I was pointing to their only being one relationship the relationship with ourselves. But today I am simplifying things even further and saying there is no relationship. Relationship implies duality and dichotomy. There is effort needed to bridge the perceived gap. And who is in relationship with who?

When I dropped into the experience of my heart this morning and felt the energy of aliveness course through my body I did not feel separate. I did not feel in relationship with anything. I just was. This was the gift. Experiencing what is in the moment.

So on this day of love, I invite you to allow yourself to simply experience. Experience the moment as it is. Allow yourself to get still enough to feel the energy of your aliveness. No matter what your emotional experience can you feel the vibration of who you are flowing through you? Can you give yourself the time and space to experience this? You are this beautiful, magnificent source of infinite love having this unique perceived finite human experience. There is no relationship. It is all the same.

You either feel this and know it or you think I’m crazy.

Today, no matter what your mood or relationship status or where you fall on the Valentine’s spectrum, I hope you have a day filled with the love that is in your heart so you can experience your true nature more fully without the intermediary of a relationship – just direct experience.

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