I was once speaking at an executive leadership conference some time ago and asked everyone who has articulated their life goals to indicate by show of hands. It was not surprising when over 90% of the persons in the room had their hands raised, which was great. Then i asked a follow on question – also, by show of hands, how many of you make daily conscious decisions based on your life goals? The reverse was the case. Less than 15% of the people in the room had their hand up.

That was a very notable moment in the conference.

Think about what the experience will be if you get on a nonstop flight from the United Kingdom to Norway. You know the estimated arrival time (ETA), you are aware that there is likely going to be a few bumps along the way, the crew members and pilots are all ready, set and the plane takes off. Midway along the journey, you ask one of the crew members, how long before landing? She replies – ‘This plane has no destination today. We are going anywhere”

This is the same way your daily choices and decisions impact on the outcome of our life goals. When you allow events, situations and tides of life take control of your daily lives, you are like the plane that took off without a destination. Our daily habits and behaviours drive our lives. A plane, like our goals and dreams need to steer in the air, in spite of turbulence, sustain its flight and keep moving forward to get to its destination.  

Our habitual thinking and actions make us who and what we are. What you do consistently and persistently becomes your second nature. Do you wonder why you do not have to remember every single alphabet as you write a letter or a memo? This is because you have done it over a billion times that the mind and brain has mastered the act of writing.

What are you currently training your mind to master? Plant that goal in your mind on a daily basis. It should be one of the most important action you have to make each day. If your goal is to have a promotion, get a life partner or become to wealthier, have several daily check in with yourself to be sure that you are on track. Make simple choices that will inch you closer to your goal.

It is easy to say my manager did not like me, so i did not get the promotion. What daily actions or choices did you make to position you as the best person for the position? Or it could be your belief that i am not getting Mr. or Mrs. Right because there are no good ones out there. How regular do you check-ins with yourself to prepare you for Mr/Mrs. Right?

Like a plant, water your daily choices towards your goals, care for it, tender it and watch it blossom in time. Staying discipline and focused as you make simple daily choices even when it seems difficult, nurtures resilience for possible big opportunities that lie ahead.

The spear is not sharpen in the day of battle. Daily gentle strokes on the rock and fire prepares the spear as a winning tool in the day of battle.