DISCLOSED: Cole Taylor’s Self Discovery Pilgrimage That Transformed His Life Inside-Out

Do you want to be a high achiever in every area of your life? Well, you need balance in your life and prioritize your time to what is essential for you. It would also help if you determined what you want your life to look like. 

Cole Taylor is a performance and health coach that is helping entrepreneurs and business people create more in every area of their lives. He is the founder of the Starting Line. He has served as a D1 athlete, licensed pastor, and is also an MBA holder. Cole is highly gifted in helping men find more in every area of their lives, including their bodies, their business, their relationships and more.. 

Why Cole Taylor Prioritized Coaching Above Everything Else. 

Everything Cole does is driven by helping people. He has a passion for pushing people to be better in what they do to accomplish more. His motivation comes from the loss he has gone through. Cole Taylor has been through much pain in his life. The pain of losing his parents and loved ones has just been immense in his life. However, some people have brought him through those situations, and he feels to give back and encourage everyone that it is possible to make it through any situation in life. 

Cole feels that coaching is the way to go. Not only is it a great way to help people, but it is also the culmination of all the stuff that he has ever done in one piece. Being a pastor, athlete, personal trainer, and holding tons of academic scholarships, there is a mental aspect to what he does. Therefore purging all that spiritual, mental, and physical in one area allows him to give people a clear, balanced perspective. Cole is passionate about what he does and loves helping people.

The Secret To Cole’s Success

For a very long time, Cole never got the satisfaction of his inner self, despite many accomplishments. He always felt void of what was inside him. Every time he accomplished a great thing, he felt good for a second, and then he would be back to his unfulfilled place. Cole chose to focus on the inner rather than the outer matters. That became the foundation of finding satisfaction. 

Therefore, how you carry yourself, how you speak, and how you think about yourself matters a lot for your success. An inner transformation can change everything.

Lessons On Overcoming Challenges

From the loss, he faced, as well as his variety of experiences, Cole Taylor has faced many challenges. However, in fighting his challenges head-on, Cole believes that everything comes from your mindset. He has also learned to work with people of every kind, loving and helping them. This ex-D1 athlete has always been known to persist and push beyond his limits. Cole also learned to understand systems and processes in the business, and this knowledge makes him better positioned to overcome any challenge arising on his path. He also understands how to fix each issue separately because some are very hard, others soft, others analytical, while others are emotional. He has learned how to merge all these in his life and use them in different senses. 

Cole Taylor’s Methodology

According to Cole Taylor, people’s habits and routines play a significant role in who they become. Cole preaches that our routines lead to our results, and therefore, everything he does is routine. Consequently, he advises people to set a clear structure of habits and routines for their day or week. These habits are what will make them consistent. In the long run, there will be major growth because of it. 

Cole holds his clients accountable to their routines and habits, as well as their goals and targets while walking with them through the nuances of what they specifically are experiencing. Accountability in this process is key to helping them become the people they say they want to be.


The process of self-discovery is essential. It can bring a whole new transformation to every area of your life. Cole is working with hundreds of people, helping them discover themselves. You can connect to him on Instagram.