Yes, there is such a thing as a divorce party. They are becoming increasingly popular, actually. While it may seem unusual to celebrate the end of a marriage, most cultures do honor major life events such as birthdays, graduations and even funerals. As such, maybe it’s not so strange after all to commemorate what was in your marriage and to find closure for yourself. Even so, this approach might not be right for everyone. Before you decide on your own divorce party, learn some of the pros and cons here.

Defining a Divorce Party

There aren’t necessarily any rules set in stone as to what a divorce party should look like. It really depends on the parties involved (excuse the pun) and how acrimonious or not the divorce actually was. In some cases, the exes might have the event together to show their family and friends that they don’t have to pick sides and they’re both ready to move forward amicably. In others, one ex may celebrate finally being rid of the other. 

As for the party itself, we’ve seen examples that range from small and subdued to those where party planners create lavish affairs with large guest lists that would rival some wedding receptions. Some divorce parties even have gift registries – for real. And they might include anything from self-care gifts to household items that need to be restocked after property was divided in the divorce.

Divorce Party Pros

Sure, there aren’t a tremendous number of pros in divorce itself, but there are more than you might think when it comes to the divorce party, including:

  • Highlighting the good memories
  • Focusing on the positives of your new beginning
  • Feeling support from friends and family
  • Celebrating the fact that you survived the divorce process

Divorce Party Cons

We can come up with plenty of cons too, especially if you’re planning on using the party as a way to be vengeful over the divorce or towards your ex. Cons include:

  • Having your friends, family and especially children feel put in the middle 
  • Causing your children additional stress or sadness if they’re having trouble accepting the divorce
  • It can expensive, and a cost you don’t necessarily need after all those legal fees
  • It could trigger emotions that you haven’t fully processed yet
  • What starts as fun may go too far in the moment (trashing your ex, pranking your ex, burning sentimental items, etc.), leaving you feeling regretful and embarrassed later.

Tips to Keep in Mind

If you do end up throwing yourself or someone else a divorce party, we advise making sure the divorce has been finalized first, keep the guest list to those who will ‘get it’ and create a supportive, fun atmosphere that appropriately commemorates the past while looking towards the future. 

Before you plan the party, should you need additional support and guidance as you navigate divorce, we can help. Our experienced team offers fully virtual coaching and mediation services. Contact us today to learn more or for a free consultation.