Are smallest of things at home stressing you out? Stress is subjective and can occur to many us for not much apparent reasons. Even a tiny out of place hat rack can cause quite the stress stir. So, how do you undo all that unwanted stress? Believe it or not, DIY home hacks can help do just that. Multiple researches have proven how keeping busy and handling tools can release stress.

When you find easy DIY home hacks that also solve a problem, your stress buildup depletes easily. However, the focus should always be on solving a problem at home or in any property. If you are going to dedicate your time and effort, it better make that stress go away while providing a solution for something as well. Here are some home hacks that can help easy your everyday stress:

Your Essential Oils Can Be Great Homemade Furniture Polish

Do furniture scratches bother you to a level of great stress? Trust us, you are not alone. When you buy expensive furniture and really like it, scratches or surface damage can pull those stress strings. However, for light to medium scratches, there is great homemade DIY solution. These DIY home hacks include simplest of essential oils. Lemon essential oil can quickly polish any dark wood furniture removing stains and spots as well. Tea tree oil can be a great bug repellent keeping bugs away from furniture. However, make suer to not use this hack on food preparation surfaces. All essential oils are not edible.

Simple Ice DIY Home Hacks for Furniture Candle Wax Removal

Candle wax can accumulate on furniture surfaces. Tables, countertops, shelves and even beds can have candle wax buildup. Scraping it off can cause further paint scratches or removal of polish with it. Instead, just fill a plastic bag with ice cubes. Place the bag over the wax and let it do its magic for a few minutes. The wax will freeze and harden. Pick it up as easily as you’d like. No damage to furniture polish and finish. Job done. Thank us later.

Convert Your Unwanted Wood Pieces into a DIY Hat Rack

Got left over wood from a project? Why not use it to make your very own hat rack. Believe it or not, DIY Hack Rack Ideas are pretty simple and yet very functional. Simply cut your wood into equal pieces. We recommend thin stripes shaped wood pieces. Get some stylish nails. Now, nail the wood pieces in leaving about an inch of nail length outside the wood. Arrange in any design, pattern or manner that suits your taste. Job done. You have your very own DIY home hacks with a perfect hat organizer.

Simple Coffee Grounds Can Degrease Lot of Things

Do you ground your own coffee? If you do, you have a perfect degreaser that no one told you about. Our little DIY home back can degrease many things. Simply rub some of those coffee grounds into the grease or soap. It will by itself take off grease residue that has been causing so much stress for your lately. Use this neat little trick on kitchen surfaces, your microwave or pretty much anywhere.

Coffee Can Also Unclog Your Stuck Drains – O Yes It Can!

You read this one right. Not many people know thins but coffee can unclog stuck drains. Common belief is that coffee grounds may clog the drain. On the contrary, they can unclog drains. Mix them grounds into some dish soap and piping hot water. Pour the mixture quickly before it cools into the blocked drains. This will break up all those clogging substances making the drain run again. Simple right!

Got a Steam Iron? Remove Your Carpet Candle Wax with It

Another of our brilliant DIY home hacks can get your carpet free from candle wax. If you have kids in the home, its more than likely your carpet will end up with some candle wax. Just put a paper bag over the wax spilled area and apply that steam iron on it gently. That steam will lift up the wax from the carpet making it stick to the paper bag instead. Problem solved and stress gone!

Microwave Odor Stressing You Out! Get Rid of It with Vinegar

Microwaves are for free odor makers. But sadly, not the ones you like. Oils, grimes, food particles and what not can build up giving rise to odor producing bacteria. One of our awesome DIY home hacks need nothing but simple vinegar. Place a bowl of vinegar in your smelly microwave for five minutes or so. Give it a wipe afterwards to remove all odors and odor producing bacteria inside. Nice and quick right!

Vinegar Can Also Make Your Surfaces Streak-Free

Spots on surfaces like mirrors, windows and doors can cause stress building for people with a cleaning habit. Now, you can use simple vinegar to say goodbye to that stress. Make a solution from cold water and vinegar. Few table spoons of vinegar in a small glass of water should be enough. Spray this mixture on the surface you want to clean. Wipe with a microfiber cloth. Your surfaces become streak-free almost instantly. Happy days.

Label Residue on Surfaces and Jars! Make It Gone with Cooking Oil

People who want perfect everything can quickly get stressed up with unrelenting label residue. Window glass, mirrors and jars can get label residue. Kids can stick labels everywhere they can. Your jars that come with labels can also have label residue left behind when removed. Cooking oil of all things helps rid your surfaces and jars from label residue. Apply with cotton pad and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the oil sinks in, it will allow you to wipe label residue off easily.

Use Less Toilet Tank Water by Placing a Brick Inside It!

A short trip to the loo only needs a small amount of water. Environmentalists can get quick the stress when too much water gets wasted when you flush the toilet after peeing only. Water bills rising up can also cause quite a case of unwanted stress. Simply, place a brick inside your big old toilet and it should replace some water in the tub. Less water there is, less water gets down the flush. Less stress of course.

Mouthwash to Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Bet You Didn’t Expect This One!

From our DIY home hacks, this one is probably the least expected. Yet, your mouthwash can help clean that toilet bowl better than expensive cleaners. It can help save that trip to the grocery store as well. pour down a cap full of mouthwash in the toilet bowl. Make sure to get it on the spottiest areas. Let the thing sit for up to an hour. All grimes will come off with lightest of scrubs now.