“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” – Unknown

Despite humans sharing a lot of commonalities, everyone’s definition and approach to success is different to the next. Knowing exactly what it feels like to be on the roller-coaster ride journey of being an entrepreneur, Diya Asrani has experienced the highs and lows of what entrepreneurship has to offer. Now a successful personal branding coach, Diya Asrani has an approach to success that is unique to others. 

 Growing up in India as a shy and introverted girl, it took Diya a while to find her feet in the world. Eventually she took a liking to arts and design, which was a way of expressing her creativity. Now as a passionate and creative entrepreneur, personal branding coach and the Founder & CEO of Design Your Presence™, Diya’s success has allowed her to help entrepreneurs, trainers and coaches, design their own personal brand presence through confident storytelling, reputation building and thoughtful marketing.

“The most important brand in the entire world, is your own personal brand. Our personal brand is our identity, and shapes how the world perceives us. The brilliance of a personal brand is that we ourselves are in complete control of it. However, many of us don’t have a clue when it comes to branding ourselves like an expert or professional” Diya explains. There are few creative and talented individuals in the world who are experts at the art of personal branding, and Diya is one of the finest there is. 

Now with a decade of experience in the personal brand and image management industry, Diya is well accomplished and is making a name for herself in the branding world, recently being featured in Yahoo’s Top 10 Branding Coaches, and also is an award winner in the Image Management & Transformation Coaching industries by Indian Leadership Academy. “Success to me is being able to impact the lives of others, while getting to do what I love, there is no better feeling than having the freedom to work on my own schedule” Diya explained. Diya is soon to extend both her success and impact, having written her much anticipated book, Design Your PERSONAL BRAND Presence,  which is designed for entrepreneurs, knowledge givers and anyone looking to grow and improve upon their personal brand.

Personal branding unlocks the keys to many areas of success, and Diya has used it to open doors she never thought possible. “Personal branding is more than just a concept, it is a necessary skill that each one of us needs to manage and build. Improving our personal brands can elevate our success to a whole new level, as often it is the deciding factor for people to connect and relate to us, and needs to be crafted based on how one wants to be perceived by their audience and industry” Diya explained.

Diya is also a believer that applying innovative strategies to current skill sets is pivotal to success.“I believe that everyone has a passion or skill that they can share with the world not just to ‘show’ but to also enrich others lives by helping them become better at that particular skill or passion. But to reach out and connect with people, there has to be a strong bridge of trust, creativity and authenticity and that’s your personal brand presence” Diya explained.

 Diya’s unique story, personal branding skills and approach to success are something we can all take something away from. She is passionate and impact driven, enjoying nothing more than seeing the results from the work she puts in for both herself, and her clients.