DJ Kunal aka Kunal Mahato

Every artist loves to try something new, something different but whenever an individual artist is asked what he or she loves the most! The answer resonates universally – entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. DJ Kunal aka Kunal Mahato believes in this and the art of entertaining his audience, music lovers, remix fanatics and the entire music fraternity.

DJ Kunal says each one of us have had our own share of stress where we have simply wanted to give up and end things for once and for all. However, it is during this time we have appreciated having woken up to a new and carrying out our daily chores without complaining about them. We have understood the value of our and others’ lives and how each moment is a blessing denied to many! We are grateful!  

DJ Kunal aka Kunal Mahato entered in the genre of disco jockeying at a very young age, likewise every inquisitive teenager, he scoured the internet with his immaculate research skills about the magnanimous DJs, their work, craft, compositions and what not. Being a bengali, the art is the innate thing that DJ Kunal aka Kunal Mahato carries forward with him. Thus in the tough times of corona – the global pandemic, DJ Kunal aka Kunal Mahato is working out various music compositions of varied genres and tastes for the lovers.

Recently the DJ dropped two new compositions across the various music platforms and the response was outstanding for the same. Carpe Diem and Area 51 represented different genres and the crazy beats of the track really helped people to tune in to their phone and forget about the pandemic at least for a brief time. DJ Kunal aka Kunal Mahato has urged each and every listener to stay safe and kindly wear masks. DJ Kunal aka Kunal Mahato has sent a brief message to everyone through his official Instagram account, “let’s fight this together so we can party together again.”