If you have a job interview coming up, you may be feeling anxious, and anxiety can quickly spiral out of control if you let it. Nerves are bad news for interviews; they can distract you when you’re trying to prepare, and worse still, mar your performance on the day. Stress is also hard to hide, and will send a negative signal to your interviewers. As a serial entrepreneur, DJ Wimberly has conducted his fair share of interviews. Wimberly’s simple tactics below will empower you to approach your interview with the calm self-assurance you need.

Prepare Thoroughly

Think through every aspect of your upcoming interview, from the route and timing of any journey involved, to the type of questions you’re likely to be asked and how best to answer them. Rehearse your responses in front of the mirror, noting any stammers or twitches. This way you’ll become used to the procedure and comfortable with your projected image beforehand. The knowledge that you’re thoroughly prepared will boost your confidence as you face the interview panel.

Sleep Well Beforehand

Feeling well and refreshed goes hand in hand with feeling good about yourself. A healthy state of body and mind will also inspire inner calm, which is just what you need for your interview. To this end, allow yourself plenty of sleep throughout the preceding week. If you’re having trouble sleeping, go to bed earlier to counter the problem.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

A healthy diet will help you feel positive and confident in the run-up to your big day, and provide the energy you need for a shining performance. Plan your meals carefully to ensure a wholesome variety on a regular basis. Avoid strong or frequent drinks of coffee and tea, as their caffeine content may induce agitation or keep you awake at night.

Take Fresh Air

Brisk strolls in peaceful surroundings will energize mind and body alike, and will benefit you both during the preparation process and on the interview day. The fresh air and exercise will stimulate your circulation and senses, helping you to feel invigorated and confident about the challenge ahead.

Do Relaxation Exercises

Physical exercise unleashes tension, so take regular breaks from preparation in the days and hours before your interview to loosen up muscles. Do press-ups, stretches, and limb-swings between practice tasks, and allow time for your favorite sport or game. On the day of your interview, you’ll find it helpful to draw deep, slow breaths now and again for extra nerve control. As you release each breath, twiddle your fingers and toes and give your limbs a shake, to let out any remaining tension.

Arrange a Calming Atmosphere 

A relaxed setting before your interview will soothe away any lingering worries. Arrange some soft lighting, comfortable seating, and uplifting music, and treat yourself to a hot, foamy bath or two. Background chat on TV or radio can also be comforting;  if it’s comedy, sit back a while and have a laugh.

Keep the Interview in Perspective

However well you perform in your interview, you cannot be sure of success, so don’t set your heart on it. Keep the event in perspective and remember that there will be other opportunities in the future. Remember too, that a rejection does not mean you’re a failure, but merely that another applicant fit the requirements even more closely than you on this occasion. Make a list of all the good things in your life, and see the significance of your job prospects fade in comparison. Now you can face your interviewers with philosophical calm.

For DJ Wimberly, a calm and confident interviewee who encourages more of a dialogue are the ones who stand out. Solely being selected for an interview shows an acknowledgment of your qualities and potential suitability for the post in question. Be proud of this achievement and let it swing you confidently through the door when your time slot arrives. With DJ Wimberly’s simple strategies in place, you’ll be all set to enjoy your big moment! Check out DJ Wimberly’s website for more information!