In a world where COVID-19 has taken over, dating apps have become the norm for meeting a potential romantic partner. While many apps are making moves to put women in the drivers’ seat when it comes to starting a conversation, there are still many inequities in the world of online dating and in dating in general.

Who Messages First

Most of us have grown up with the idea that the guy makes the first move. Online dating and the transformation of gender roles have put this idea to the test. Dating apps like Bumble have made it so the female messages first, essentially giving them the control in the relationship- at least at the beginning.

Tinder is also testing out a feature on their app in India that allows women to choose whether they initiate a conversation. There are two goals with this feature- to make gender roles more equal and give women a sense of security when using the app.

What Makes a Profile Appealing

Let’s face it- looks matter when it comes to dating apps. We’re essentially living in a swipe culture, where the first impression you make on a potential partner is with a photograph.

Aside from physical attractiveness, other things make a profile more appealing. For men, if they have more pictures on their profile and show that they are physically active and easy-going, they’re more likely to get a swipe right. For women, those who are physically active are also more appealing, as are the romantic types.

While a positive, upbeat personality makes a man more likely to swipe right on a woman’s profile, a good career and higher education still make a man more attractive to the female population.

The Takeaway

The takeaway from all of this is that, even with all the progress on gender inequality and dating apps’ focus to put women in a more assertive role, many of us are still looking for the same things. A physical attraction, even though the phone, is still important. There’s some work to do, but dating apps are making positive strides towards change.