For many, it’s hard to imagine sleeping without a fan blowing full blast during long, hot summer nights. And if asked, most will say that a fan definitely cools down their bedroom. According to our data, 76% of SleepScore members think so in fact! But can a fan really keep your bedroom cool? Let’s find out.

Fans in the bedroom 

The truth is, using a fan can work to cool the room if the outdoor temperature is cooler than your bedroom and you place the fan in an open bedroom window. But even with higher outdoor temperatures and no open windows, a fan can help because it flows air over your skin and removes body heat, enabling more comfortable sleep.

If your room temperature is uncomfortably warm and you don’t have AC, try putting a bag of ice cubes in front of your fan to move cooler air across the room.

What if I don’t like using a fan? 

Fans are definitely not for everyone. If blowing air or the noise bothers you, a fan might not be the right fit for you at all. Additionally, there are some who feel like it gets too dry in their room with air constantly blowing through the night. If you’re not a fan-lover, you can try a few of these ideas instead.

  1. Cool yourself down before bed by running your hands and feet under lukewarm or cool water. You can also take a lukewarm or cool shower.
  2. Try pajamas that are loose-fitting or designed to keep you at the optimal temperature.
  3. Swap your heavier blankets or sheets for something lighter.

Stay cool!