long-distance relationships

Do long-distance relationships really work? How often fo you find them working? What makes them working? And what are the reasons for long-distance relationships don’t work? All of these are really most often asked questions that most of the partners with long-distance relationships want to confirm either their associations and bondings are safe or not?

It was found in research that 55% of college students have long-distance relationships and 82% of them don’t work so long.

But it doesn’t mean that your relationship won’t work. Because the case is quite different here.
In college life, students are not practical so as they enter into practical life. They get engaged in different things and hence the approach changed with lifestyle.

Their commitments and dreams become clear and they start working on them. They find a new direction and the directions of partners may be different. It becomes the biggest reason for the failure of their associations.

If it was not an immature decision of living far behind one another than it really works and works quite well. If you’re in such a situation and you think something is missing in your relationship it means that you or your partner are not giving proper time and care to the relationship. And you actually need to.

So, in such a case, you both should take care of one another feelings. You should be open and talkative and should tell one another all the things you do every day.

Especially, it’s woman nature that they want to tell each and everything with emotions. They might not look for solutions but they just want to tell husbands that how difficulties they are suffering and how tough time they have. So the husband should be open to listening to her.

And husbands who are straight forward, they want affirmations and appreciation and trust for the decisions he took.

So to make the long-distance relationship work appropriately, one should be careful about this key to long-distance relationships.