To get rid of your fears, you need to get out of your comfort zone and take risks.

We are responsible for our failures as well as our success. Often times we lay the groundwork for our own failure and invite catastrophe.

The biggest obstacle before a person is himself. We condition ourselves to fail, we make an effort to fail. When we fail, we make good excuses and refresh ourselves. So we actually produce most of the barriers to success ourselves. So what are these obstacles? Let’s see together…


Our prejudices are one of the biggest obstacles to success. When we do something, these prejudices come into play at the start of a new project. We are starting to decide immediately. We make our decisions based on our impressions. The interesting thing is that most of these biases are about being successful. Our prejudices against success are responsible for our failures.

Not deemed worthy

Being successful is a difficult goal for some people to achieve. They love to talk, comment on other people’s achievements. But when it comes to ”them”, they keep success away from themselves. So they don’t consider themselves worthy of being successful. They think the successful ones have extra features.

Failing to consider yourself worthy of being successful is also related to childhood. Some families unknowingly place this structure in their children’s minds. When the child does a job, they don’t appreciate him. They don’t really believe it that he will be successful. They constantly praise other children to the boy. As such, failure is implanted in the child’s mind. And he doesn’t consider himself worthy of being successful. This affects his life significantly.

Deciding without trying

Making decisions without trying is one of the biggest obstacles to success. Most people fail at a job they could achieve if they tried a little harder, because they didn’t try. People prefer to make decisions without trying.

They decide that they will lose without trying, they will fail. Because this situation causes them less pain. They don’t want to experience the pain of trying and losing. They think they’ll get less hurt if they lose without trying. They are scared of loss and running away from the truth. In fact, it’s their own life that they run away from. When you can’t try, don’t work, don’t go after a goal, that life doesn’t belong to you. You volunteer to play the role assigned to you in a life where others play the leading roles.

Paying too much attention to external factors

Paying too much attention to external factors is the answer to the question of what others would say. What others say is one of the biggest obstacles in life. We prefer to live lighter lives because others will criticize our failures and talk about us.

To be successful, it is necessary to stand out and differentiate. When you come forward, you have to risk being criticized. Some people are losing at this point. They dare not stand out because they cannot tolerate criticism. They stay in the background and avoid drawing attention to them.

Fear of losing

The fear of loss is overwhelming for some people. Fear of loss has captured their selves. At the very beginning of a job, a little mishap takes over them. Their beliefs that they will lose where they first stumbled are starting to rise. They are starting to remember their past failures. As such, they are doomed to fail.

When you examine the successful ones, you see that there are many losses in their lives. In other words, successful people also experience failures and losses. But they leave those losses behind and try again. These losses are not an obstacle for them. Building on their losses, they are getting greater success. When they succeed, their past losses show their success more brightly. A strange twist of life is that when you succeed, your past failures increase the value of your success.

When we examine the obstacles to success, we see that most of them are caused by us. We become ourselves the obstacle to our own success. We create sets for ourselves and make an effort to fail. We reassure ourselves by saying that when you fail, I have already said that I cannot succeed.

When we look at successful people, we see that they focus on opportunities instead of obstacles. There are many difficulties, troubles and losses in their lives. But they focus on the full side of the glass and do their best. Ultimately, they are successful, if not on their first try.

Tips to avoid being failure;

1- Get a new hobby that will make you forget your all fears; interior design, swimming, tennis, trekking etc.

2- Read more about successful entrepreneurs; Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mohab Ayoub and more, get inspired from their biography.

3- Plan your steps for your upcoming success.

4- Eat healthy foods to keep fresh your mind.

5- Set a daily program.

6- Never afraid of what others would say, they are just slightest noises.