Do Nothing…and Prosper?

Does it sometimes feel like in the entrepreneurial, hustle-and-hype world we live in, we barely take time to breathe. What could it mean to you if simply sitting in silence and breathing could change your life? Would you be willing to try?

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If stress and anxiety have become commonplace in your day-to-day life, you might want to consider doing just that!

My guest, Rob Dube, is co-founder of ImageOne, a Top 25 Forbes Small Giant. Rob started his first business in high school, when he was selling Blow Pops out of his locker. Today, he’s the founder of donothing, and author of the best-selling book, Do Nothing – The Most Rewarding Leadership Challenge You Will Ever Take. 

Rob has known his share of stress. From family issues, health issues, financial issues and more, he realized that he had certain ingrained levels of stress that had been part of his life for as long as he could remember.

He recognized that he wasn’t the best person he could be, and a lot of that was attached to ongoing stress.

Often, those of us living in this busy, fast-paced, hectic world justify our stress levels because we are entrepreneurs, creators, or just generally getting things done. We assume that this is just how things are, or we might even take pride in bragging about our stressful life. Here’s what fascinating; if you follow the thread of your life back to childhood, you’ll often find that there have been certain sources of stress and anxiety in your life for pretty much your WHOLE life. You might not even have recognized some of those sources (or still might not), but they have impacted you, and probably still do.

Rob reached his own breaking point after passing through a great deal of childhood stress, transitioning to a bootstrapping entrepreneur, new husband, and new father all within a few years.

From housing, finances, and the pressure he felt to succeed, Rob was living a life that was taking a toll on his mental health.

Eventually, the wheels fell off. 

Having read about meditation, Rob gave it a desperate try when he reached a breaking point. After sitting for 5 minutes and breathing, he felt calmer, clearer headed, and just a bit more at peace. He still had all his problems, but he realized there was something truly useful in the act of just sitting and breathing.

The do nothing” philosophy came about as a result of his continued exploration into meditation, mindfulness, and living in peace.

Something he’s noticed?

Many people feel they don’t have even 15 minutes in the course of a day to simply STOP. We’ve become accustomed to living our lives at breakneck speed, always pushing on to the next thing. Our brains have been wired for busy-ness, and the idea of creating space to stop and actually notice yourself and your thoughts is immensely stressful for many people.

When we encourage you to do nothing, it’s not about goofing off or messing around.

It’s an anecdote for the reality that many of us are constantly rushing around, constantly going from one thing to the next, or “multitasking” by eating during a meeting while also scrolling on our phones. When we create this as a regular lifestyle or way of being, we are not the people or leaders that we want to be, or that we are capable of being.

You may believe you don’t have time, but in reality…

You make time for what you want to make time for!

Whether it’s 15, 10, or even just 1 minute, you can make space in your life to do nothing.

How so?

Grab a chair, take a seat, and sit up straight. Your back shouldn’t touch the chair back, but you don’t need to be overly stiff.

Plant your feet on the ground, and really feel them there, grounded.

Put your hands gently on your legs, and feel what that feels like.

As you feel yourself sitting straight, bring your chin down slightly, and then lower your gaze slightly. Look softly, or close your eyes.

Settle in here, and just notice what’s happening.

You’ll find you’re thinking about many things. That’s normal, and you’re not here to judge them.

As you recognize your thoughts, gradually bring your attention to something you take for granted everyday – your breath.

Notice yourself breathing in and out. Don’t make any effort to regulate your breathing or control it. Just notice it.

In that moment where all you were doing was breathing, and acknowledging that breath, you were fully aware, here in this moment.

That’s is. Meditation doesn’t take a special pillow, and no gongs are required. Complete presence is not mystical, it’s just a way of being in the world.

Want to learn more about the possibility of prospering while you do nothing? You can listen to the full episode here!

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