Many people are boycotting pharmacies.

Don’t get us wrong. It doesn’t mean they’re boycotting medicine…

They’re just not happy with OTC options.

The Details.

The idea of pill-popping and “quick fixes” is starting to revolt many.

And rightfully so. You can’t deal with health problems by suppressing symptoms.

You can’t fix sleep problems with endless pill use. Nor can you suppress headaches with non-stop pain killers…


You need to find the root causes.

Sometimes, those are lifestyle-related. It could be bad food, too much stress, or spiritual agony.

But the point, you shouldn’t go from one extreme to another.

Just because pills suppress symptoms, doesn’t mean they’re bad…

Many Pharmaceuticals are Coping Mechanisms.

And you need them.

Because what’s the alternative? Living your life in pain and suffering?

At the very least, medication makes your life tolerable. It saves you a life of dysfunction, and an early grave.

Example – Mental Health.

Let’s say you’re depressed. Even worse, you might be psychotic (or suffer from bipolar problems).

Those problems don’t go away overnight. They often take years of psychiatry, spirituality, and self-work to resolve…

So what do you do during that period?

After all, you’ve got to eat and pay bills.

You have responsibilities, a home to pay off (and in most cases) school fees…

Can you pay those in a mental hospital bed? Absolutely not.

And this is where medication comes in. They suppress symptoms, while the fundamental causes slowly reveal themselves.

They give you a chance to live normally.

Physical Health.

Let’s get back to chronic pill popping.

The most commonly used are cough/cold medicines, pain killers and motion sickness pills.

The first two are used for obvious reasons. You need to get out of the sick bed and get back to life…

As for the other two, you don’t take them for a high.

You use them because you have to. You might have genetic issues that trigger motion sickness…

Or, you may have been in accident – thus needing pain killers.

Pharmaceuticals – They Save Your Life.

If it works, use it.

Want another example? How about chemotherapy.

It’s a commonly used cancer treatment. And it’s a drug. It’s a concoction of strong chemicals that shrink down tumors.

But it saves lives. It has saved countless people from death.

Or how about penicillin? It’s one of modern medicine’s oldest drugs. But, it has been used to totally wipe out bacteria.

In fact, it’s used to treat fatal bacterial infections – like meningitis and listeriosis.

Some Insight: Why Some People Hate Pharmaceuticals.

Because they found other (short-term) alternatives.

Ask that to some people who “antagonize medicine.” And you’ll find a pattern among them…

That is – herb use.

And we’re not talking about s roses and honey. We’re looking at psychoactive substances, like cannabinoids…

That’s right. Many pill haters are weed smokers.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s slowly gaining legality worldwide. And that’s because it’s a good coping mechanism.

It’s also quite strong.

But still, that’s not a reason to take a hippy approach to medicine. As we demonstrated, the rewards of medicine far outweigh the risks.

Basically – those who quite pills and chemicals do so at their own risk.

And If You Do the Math…

You’ll see that pharmaceuticals are your friend.

Ignore the conspiracy theories of “big pharm.” Ignore people that latch onto radical “natural methods” for recovery…

Much of it is a lack of critical thinking, or an attempt to join a unique (but radical) movement.

And what is radical is always a disaster. Whether that be nature, or too much medication!