My experience is HECK no they don’t!

I want to keep things real here as I am not sure if I am being negative or realistic here in my recent personal experiences. A few months ago I made a very brave move and launched a new company that provides a service that was born out of a need. EVERYONE that has taken the time to take a look at it is blown away by the simplicity and value that it provides them and immediately sees a need for it in their lives. Especially WOMEN and even more fellow mothers.

Well that is GREAT news and I LOVE receiving that response, however, I have spoken to so many female business owners leading up to the product launch and after the launch that occurred on February 1, 2021. I can’t even count HOW many I have spoken to at this point. They each commit to wanting to help educate and spread awareness on the topic of “knowledge being power” and taking actionable steps towards getting their shit together in a simple way that literally takes ZERO thinking due to My Macro Memoir. Out of these countless conversations, I would say perhaps a handful of maybe five of these women have actually done so. Most of them have not even followed up to dive into the product themselves to then help spread the word. Would you be shocked if I told you that there on there are currently 12.8M posts that included the #womensupportingwomen and 8.8M posts that included #internationalwomensday?

I am not angry or upset that the service is not “catching on” as quick as I thought it would as I tend to set unrealistic goals for myself and things that I take on but I am upset that I see these same women constantly posting around supporting other women. It was in full effect the entire month of March during International Women’s Day. Everyone starts somewhere, I get that but everyone should simply practice what they preach what they put out to the world and declare on their social media. Otherwise, quite frankly it’s a bunch of bulshit.

I know that I personally can only control what I can control and that is being honest and upfront with what I can commit to doing versus not. I am not afraid to say “no” anymore if I simply can’t take something on. However, I try my hardest to make time for the important things and causes as if we all do not start doing our part our future generations will not be left better off. They will be left to repair or reinvent what we could have all easily done if we were more action-oriented and willing to roll our sleeves up and simply help each other become the best versions of each other possible. Am I being unrealistic that all I want is for women to truly support each other in ways they say they will? I am ready and willing and will always find the time for those that ask. Contact me and you will see that I mean what I say and do what I say. You should all try it.