I experienced my second miscarriage in one year. My body refused to return to my menstruation cycle. My gynecologist said that if it wouldn’t return in two weeks, I’d have to take medication.

No way!
After all the medicines I’d already taken and the check ups. Experiencing my first operation ever, in a foreign country.

After all this the idea of taking more medicine felt awful. First I was resisting and felt anger. I thought to myself, no way!!

But then I softened and remembered my healing gifts.

I turned inwards and recalled the trust I’d always had in my body. 
Remembering what she’s capable of and I knew she could do this.

I made contact with my body during a meditation. My womb. The losses that I/we had experienced. She asked for healing and forgiveness. I could give her that. I filled every cell of my body with healing energy. With love.

I deliberately didn’t buy the medication.

I used the Law of Attraction. I recalled the feeling that comes with having my period. The pain and discomfort. And several times a day I repeated: ‘I’ve my period before that I’ve to take the medication. My body works well. I trust my body. Thank you for my period’.

One and a half week later it happened. One day before that particular Take-Your-Medication-day, I got my period!! I was happy and grateful. I’ve never been so grateful for getting my period 😀

Do you recognize this?

Are you drawn to healing from within?