When we forget our value and worth we stop appreciating ourselves and giving ourselves enough credits, we then stop caring for our wellbeing, health and what matters for us.

We then easily go into the never-ending cycles that we need to be doing more, achieving more, and giving more while seeking peace and fulfillment, appreciation from the others. Hoping that someday we feel that we are “there”.

Forgetting your value means that you are slowly losing the connection with yourself and your truth; what really is important to you.

Your mind starts repeating its misleading stories and conspiracy theories that are eating into your energy and your confidence, destroying the clarity of your desires and allowing you to feel good.

When I’m working with my clients’ we often start creating a new emotional and mental foundation by empowering the connection with the self. Often the self-value and self-worth exercises are the most difficult.

Sometimes people would rather hide their heads in the sand than do it, as it’s so challenging and unfamiliar for them to find anything they appreciate and value in themselves.

This is common because most of us were not raised and taught to give ourselves praise but we learned the harsh ways and beat ourselves up to do and achieve more, be successful, and happy.

We learned that doing and molding ourselves to different roles, to respond to our caretakers and other people’s expectations, was to way to get acceptance and love.

Have been feeling you need to be endlessly giving and giving, and you or your efforts are never enough and appreciated as you wish?

Most often these repetitive patterns that affect your wellbeing, your energy, your ability to express yourself and your purpose in the world, are formed by your conditioning and the beliefs that you created and learned in your past from your environment. That is not who you are. Underneath it all is you, whose voice you hear in your head. The voice that is consistently whispering this is not it, but there is more in life that you are now able to experience.

You are enough, you do enough and you are worthy to have your needs and heart-based fulfilled if you just allow to.

When you have the right tools in your toolbox and practices that helps you shift these low vibrating feelings up consciously in a couple minutes, that’s when you are truly embodying your inner power.

Embodying your power means that you are aware of your inner dialogue and then you can either change that or empower yourself powerfully.

When you know how to work with your thoughts and beliefs- and then when you have a tiny but mighty practice to change them, ta-dah your vibes and mood change to exchange or calmness at that moment!

So those old patterns can be changed… you can consciously pass your egos chatter and shift your mood, your energy and make things work for you (and everyone else, as when you are vibrating high energy it always powerfully changes any situation).

Isn’t that powerful?

When you learn to value yourself, and your body, believe you are worthy as you are, more goodness, income, more love, peace, intimacy, and manifesting your real heart-based desires can happen.

When you learn to master your mind and change the beliefs; your thoughts and feelings, you will start healing the inside, including your body.

So why make the effort… doing this kind of inner work is pure self-love and appreciation, allowing you to rise higher and vibrate the same energy of your needs and desires.

Are you able to appreciate and value yourself, and your accomplishments every day?

If so how do you embrace this sacred connection with yourself daily?

Boosting your self-worth has a clear connection with how the world and others respond to your needs. If you want to stop standing in your own way and want and need help with this, I’m here to help. You can book a free clarity call with me to chat here.

Thanks to Giulia Bertelli for sharing their work on Unsplash.


  • Jenni Glad

    Transformational Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mental Health Expert

    Jenni Glad is a Transformational Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, writer and motivational speaker. Creator of the Clarity Method, her coaching helps people reconnect with themselves to change their beliefs, thought patterns and habits for self-mastery, happiness and success. Jenni does personal coaching for business leaders and entrepreneurs, online courses, workshops and mindfulness coaching with large-scale organizations like the UN. She is currently working on her first book on the topic of Mindful conscious creatorhood.