Do You Get Bored Easily?

If you are a high-achiever, the answer is probably yes.

Most high-achievers do.


One reason is that most high-achievers are highly intelligent and need to be challenged, but because you are intelligent it also takes more to challenge you.

Another reason is that due to your high level of ambition, you are constantly seeking the next challenge. But, once you master something, you’re already craving something new to challenge you. You’re always moving on to the next thing and often don’t savor your wins. I call this “what’s next” syndrome. You are always looking for the next adventure.

A third reason…High-Achievers are not happy with the status quo. The status quo itself is boring. You crave more. You crave that hit of dopamine you get every time you achieve, every time you reach excellence, every time you do something that hardly anyone else can do. Without that, life is pretty boring.

These are all pretty good things, right? This is what creates elite athletes, corporate executives, and record breakers. So, what’s the big deal? What’s the downside?

Well, how about…Exhaustion, Burn out, restlessness….

For the High-Achiever to stay high-achieving, you have to learn how to savor your wins, how to rest and recharge and yes how to even tolerate boredom sometimes. Without doing that, you are likely to crash and burn. No (physical) body can go at 250mph nonstop all the time. The rest and recharge is essential; the ability to enjoy the win before moving on to the next one; the ability to stay in the present and not live in the future, all of these are essential to sustainable peak performance. It’s not just about getting to the top after all, it’s about staying there and even enjoying the view while you’re at it.

Think about this today: How can you find the balance today between your ambition and boredom? What is one thing you can interject into your day to give you the sustainable edge? How can you enjoy the view?

I’d love to know your answers in the comments below and if you’d like to know more about creating sustainable peak performance in your life, please contact me at [email protected].

Be Well,

Dr. Donna


  • Dr. Donna Marino (PsyD)

    Psychologist & Executive Coach

    Donna Marino, PsyD, Ltd

    Dr. Donna Marino is a Psychologist and Executive Coach. She is an expert in helping high-achieving leaders move from burnout to SUSTAINABLE peak performance, so that they can fulfill their mission while also experiencing greater health, happiness, and relationships. Dr. Marino has over 20 years of experience in human potential and transformational change.

    As a high-achiever, who works with high-achievers, she discovered a collection of characteristics that when left unchecked lead to burn out, high-functioning anxiety and high-functioning depression. She coined the term for this condition, High-Achievers Syndrome (TM) and developed a protocol for dealing with it, recovering and creating SUSTAINABLE peak performance.

      Dr. Donna is also a sought after speaker and author on leadership, peak performance, and burnout recovery.