This K-beauty-inspired beauty brand is creating all-in-one beauty tools designed for everyone from noobs to professionals. Their DIY beauty kits let you do professional nails, spa, and even hair at home saving you thousands of dollars on your beauty bills.

Started in 2019 by a group of Asian American friends in Utah, Viralbeautyshop was founded to make more space in your Mind and Makeup bag.

“Together with over 50+ mental health charities working tirelessly to provide mental health services, specifically for people from underserved communities who are dealing with mental illness, we have pledged to support mental health with every purchase.”

From crystal-infused beauty tools to life-changing nail hacking DIY kits, these founders have proved that the Asian beauty experience has so much more to offer than “how to get glass skin.” A range of ethically curated skincare that’ll top every #shelfie.

Fueled by the Korean concept of Jeong, their matcha facemasks and Misty Gua sha’s will add a breath of fresh air to any skincare routine. Glowing from inside is just as important as glowing with a highlighter on. While discussing a grander issue, they believe that “perfection” is an odd concept and, instead of creating an intentional line of products that make you feel happier and more comfortable in your skin is the long-term goal.

If you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, you can do things to feel better and find help if needed. The important thing is to speak up and take action.
Below are some tips, tools, and resources for taking care of your emotional health.
If you or a friend need to talk to someone immediately, you can text START to 741-741 or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for a confidential conversation 24/7.