The nourishment our soul receives from vacation time is palpable. It is such a coveted feeling for many of us. It is a time where we allow ourselves to relax and reconnect with our own thoughts, desires and the Divine.

We got away for a night for a family wedding this weekend. While at the beach, I felt the power of the ocean crashing down on the rocks while simultaneously basking in the stillness and shelter of the tidepools offered by these same protective rocks. After enjoying our picnic, we walked closer to the water and admired the sea life, nestled among these rocks.

I found it fascinating to find neighborhoods of animals, specifically hermit crabs. There was clearly a system for how these crabs took care of each other and each one had their role. If you’ve ever checked out the tide pools, you know these crabs are very busy….until they’re not.

You see, the busy ones were running around doing their chores while the other ones were tucked away in their shells, rejuvenating. It seemed that they were taking turns. Maybe there was a night shift and a day shift. Maybe some were ill. Maybe this was simply how they organized their colony. Regardless of their organization, it was clear that they took care of each other and they knew when to rest.

Both lessons I think we can learn from today.

I saw in the news recently there’s now a task force that is responding to reports of businesses who aren’t regulating all of their customers and they can be tattled on through this anonymous line rather than talking directly to the business owner. I can tell you as a small business owner, most businesses are working harder than they’ve ever worked just to get through this time. While it’s important to follow guidelines, I didn’t find this as a very neighborly act that supports the colony.

It is a fear line.

Rather than dealing with their own fear, this line gives others an opportunity to point it at someone else. I saw another women post about whether or not she should call the police about a small get together at someone’s house. It is fear driving these reactions and rather than the person processing their own fears, they are blaming someone else for how they feel.

If this changes, I’ll feel safer.

If this happens, I’ll feel better.

If this person does this differently, I’ll be happy.

Guess what? You will only feel safer/better/happier when you process your own feelings. Pointing the finger at others will not bring you happiness…or make you feel any safer.

Yes, there is a need for guidelines. There is also a tipping point where we are enabling our fear.

Does fear and uncertainty have to be mutually exclusive to being kind, compassionate and neighborly?

How can we be kinder in this moment instead of more fearful? How can we show more compassion for each other rather than reacting from fear and unnecessarily picking on each other in an attempt to soothe our own emotion?

When the crabs weren’t busy, they were in their shell. If you are feeling fearful and unable to be kind and compassionate, it may be time to take refuge in your shell and let those around you work and come out when you feel better. 

It’s how nature intended.

I never once witnessed a crab running around pushing crabs out of their neighborhood or pointing claws at each other. They worked as a team and got the job done.

What does a happy neighborhood look like for you?

It begins with healing your own fear first.

How can you do that? Is it through journaling? Is it cleaning your own house like these busy hermit crabs? Or it is meditating and going inside your shell?

God wants more for you than fear.

God wants you to trust your colony and if you feel like you can’t trust it, it may be time to take some shelter within to find your inner peace.

Join me for this week’s meditation, When you need a vacation meditation, as you learn a technique that will allow your brain to feel as though it has been on vacation, and to receive that same soul nourishment and rejuvenation, all from the comfort of your home. I can’t wait to share this powerful technique with you. See you in meditation!

Much love,