I have a question for you. Do you need variety in your workouts? If you are like me, then the answer to that question would be YES! I get bored doing the same thing day in and day out! While I do like to stick to a schedule, it is because I am incorporating both running and strength training. I wouldn’t want to have a heavy lifting day followed by a long run day. I do know the importance of rest, contrary to what it looks like.

In doing some research myself on this, I want to give you some options on adding variety to your workouts. You can do complete workouts exclusive to these or mix and match, it’s up to you.

KettlebBell Workout

Use the kettlebell for your entire workout. One advantage of the kettlebell is it does not take up much room and can fit in any home gym.

Circuit Training

Pick a few exercises and do the circuit 2-3 times. The exercises options are truly endless. Mix things up frequently to make each workout a different one.

HIIT Training

High-intensity training is one of the biggest training trends.

Stability Ball Workout

A total body workout using the stability ball. Just about any exercise done on the stability ball engages your core.

Targeted Muscle Group Workout

Pick a set of muscles and focus only on those, to further mix it up, use either low weight and high reps or heavy weight with lower reps.

Resistance Band Workout

Travel often? According to Greatist, this portable exercise equipment is easily stored, making it perfect for hotel workouts.

Mixing things up will not only help keep you motivated but you’ll have more effective workouts.

Talk to me, do you find yourself getting bored with the same workouts? Do you need variety in your workouts? Tell me what you do to change things up?