You are not the only one, we all did/do. The easiest way to run away from pain could be:

  • Shutting down our emotions.
  • Filling ourselves with distractions – shopping, movies/TV shows, social media, bars, accessories, alcohol, addictions, projections and so on.
  • That uncharted territory scares us, so we continue numbing where it hurts.
  • We prefer to stay in comfortable known territory and try to make peace with it. 
  • We use intellect to justify our situation, telling ourselves a story that I am not here to do inner work, awaken or be on a spiritual journey – it’s not for me.
  • We abandon all those parts where disorder or pain exists repeating a dialogue that, “I can’t afford to dig deeper to heal, as I need to stay happy for my family and continue the status quo.”
  • We are constantly tending toward escapism.
  • We disown our suffering and try to shove it under the rug.
  • And many more…

But as the beautiful light influx is taking place, portals are opening, veils are thinning to higher dimensions, and we are asked:

  • To cradle our pain and suffering.
  • To wake up and do the inner work.
  • To acknowledge the missing element in life despite all the luxuries we have.
  • To go deeper, to cleanse the grime (which we carried from past lives, experiences, ancestral lineages etc).
  • To become conscious and unravel uncharted territory.
  • To own our pain, distress and initiate self-work. 

It’s not EASY at all but as we start embracing our pain, our grime, our suffering – the gateway opens to healing, leading us to transform our suffering to be transmuted to divine light.

Suffering is a doorway to light and the first step is to acknowledge our pain instead of pretending that we know it all/we can do it all. I know it sounds crazy, when you are amidst the suffering, and it’s not comforting to think that it’s a doorway to healing. But as we grow more conscious about how and what we feel – the healing begins. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t feel the pain. Feel it all, feel all of it instead of shutting down the emotions. 

And as we walk this path of healing, we not only clear our grime, we clear so much pain in ancestral lineage, and for the future generations, that the baggage we have been carrying will not be genetically transferred to the next generation. 

With so many of us waking up to this wake-up call, we are helping to raise the vibration of this planet and leading the pathway to a NEW EARTH.

So, thanks to all of you who are either willing to embark on this inner journey or are on this journey – raising the vibration to infuse light and just light!