AAA truck held in the hand of God

Being More Present to the Love That is You.

Today, one of my incredible clients (who happens to be a Type Six on the Enneagram if that means anything to you) said, “I am treating God like AAA”.

She frequently has brilliant analogies, and this one stopped me in my tracks. It was real and raw and it got my attention, because given what is happening in the world right now I bet a lot of people are trying to ‘get a tow’ from God.

It was also clear to me that I needed to write about this, because yesterday I just so happened to have a direct experience with AAA. It was lovely really. A gentleman named Craig with a ponytail and a mustache chatted me up about his love for the golf course as he loaded my 2008 Volkswagen onto the flatbed.

As I let go of the “to-do” list at my desk and just allowed myself to listen and be open to this man’s sharing, I felt a sense of peace, safety and contentment within myself. As I gave myself permission to just be in the moment with the AAA guy, I realized I was happy and it was fine that my car was getting towed.

Some time ago I broke out of my religious constraints and stopped imagining God with a long white beard, carrying a staff and sitting in a big throne in the sky. I let go of the idea that God was like man. This supported me in only looking for God when I was in the shit.

I have given great consideration to the toilet paper hoarding that took place at the onset of the pandemic and made an inner inquiry to the larger metaphor life was reflecting. I’ve concluded, people are just terrified of being in the shit.

Updating my idea of God was helpful in changing my relationship with the power of creation. Given that we are all in the shit right now, perhaps we could all use a refresh with our relationship with God.

As with everything, you get to believe anything you want.

Your beliefs are yours and mine are mine. We all get to choose for ourselves. This is sometimes where you give away your power, because you buy into the misunderstanding that you have to keep believing something someone else believes even when it might not be true for you.

I share this as MY Truth – and I am also totally okay with you having your Truth. That is the beauty of our world – we all get to share in our perspectives. We all get to share our expression. When we begin acknowledging and honoring that for ourselves and each other, then we start having a more regular experience of God.

Based on what I know my truth to be.

God is Love
The essence of God is Love. This has been repeated in scripture and ancient text for eons of time, I have also personally had a first-hand experience of this Love and have come to know this as God. You have also likely had an experience of this love. Psychologist Carol Rogers developed a concept called unconditional positive regard, which is the basic acceptance and support of a person, regardless of what the person says or does. Kind of like how we unconditionally love our children or a pet or a parent or a spouse. I am sure this “unconditional” piece is built into real Love, which to me, translates into acceptance.

Love is Energy
The energy of Love actually has a specific and distinct frequency to it. Its been measured and resonates at 528 Hz. According to Britannica, the number of hertz (abbreviated Hz) equals the number of cycles per second. The term is used most frequently in connection with alternating electric currents, electromagnetic waves (light, radar, etc.), and sound. The energy of love vibrates at a distinct frequency. It has it’s own energetic signature.

Energy is Omnipresent
Einstein proved “energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another.” Everything is energy. Everything physical, emotional, musical, mental and spiritual. Everything in the inter-waves like high speed internet, microwaves and wifi. All the stuff we can see and all the stuff we can’t. Even the thoughts in your head (lets call them the inner-waves) are energy because they too emit a frequency or resonance.

So, I figure that because everything, everywhere is in fact comprised of energy, and love is energy and God is love, I conclude that God is the everywhere present energy and this infinite energy is intelligent, and that infinite intelligence is God.

You are part of the omnipresent energy of God.

If you are energy (everything is) and energy is Love and Love is God, then you are an individualized expression of God. In other words, you are a drop of God which is delineated as the unique individualized expression of you.

When you are able to bring your awareness to this energy inside of you then you are the embodiment of the presence of love. You radiate it, you shine it out of you. You mirror it. You are it. This resonance illustrates unconditional positive regard.

It’s accepting of everyone and everything.

If we could all be in touch with our God-Self and spend more time as the presence of love imagine how our thoughts, actions, behaviors and decisions would be different. Imagine if everyone could meet themselves and each other with love, how the world might be a different place.

Perhaps we are the ones who has given God a bad name as we impose our vast polarities with the same extremes we have here on earth. Perhaps if we took more ownership of the God within each of us we would individually lead our lives from the energy of Love. And then God would be more present in our everyday life.

So, Yes, God is at the AAA. The truth is, that God can be found at the AAA. And, God can be found in the flat tire, on the side of the road, in the backseat of the car and with the empty toilet paper roll. That’s because God goes everywhere I go. I work for God and God is expressed through me as I reflect that back to you.

BEING the presence of love is a practice that begins inside of you. It’s about bringing the awareness of loving, compassion and acceptance to all of you in all that you do.


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