“I drove all day to get a discount.”

Don’t let this be you.

A lady shared her frustration with me,

“Can you believe ginkgo biloba was not on sale at all the Costco’s? I went to the first Costco and they were sold out, so I drove across town to go to another Costco and it was not on sale there she then drove to another Costco and ended up with no ginkgo biloba.”

She drove for 4 hours to save $2 dollars off each bottle, the cost of gas, time, its taken her half a day, at the end of the day she did not get her supplement.

The lady was not thinking about value vs. price.

 To take your business to the next level, whether it’s automation or creating a product or monetizing your value.

3 things are essential to understand:

  1. Time is money
  2. The cost of travel
  3. The emotional distress and anger affected her brain

What drove her to drive to 3 Costco stores for the cheapest quality vitamin in town?

Several factors are involved:

  1. The brain gets fixated and can not access higher functioning or reasoning, this is a neurotransmitter deficiency. She was unable to call the store ahead of time or to speak to a clerk at Costco while she was at the first one to inquire about the product or simply say to herself is this the best product for me?
  2. Defiance – The more I am working with the business brain, several things block progress.
  3. defiance is a major road block – I will show you. 
  4.  personality does originate in the biochemistry of our brain and if the biochemistry is not balanced it is difficult to make optimal choices.
  5. Distrust – Distrusting resources or knowledge of those who understand nutrition and absorption or distrust  those that understand your nutritional needs.  Google, or Instagram are marketing machines that work in generalities not specifics.  I had one lady who shared with me. “ I have tried every other way Dr. Google said would work, even though you suggested  a program for me. So now I am going to do what you recommend.” Why spend your bodies valuable resources going down a path recommended by a generic machine?

What price do you put on your own brain health?

The brain is the most important assets we have. What it needs to be healthy is:

  1. Oxygen
  2. Hydration
  3. Magnesium
  4. EPA fats
  5. Balance

There are so many factors involved in developing a healthy brain.

Ginkgo biloba is only one factor. We also have to look at our diet. When taking supplements, is it the supplement bioavailable (can it be absorbed)? Meaning does the body recognize it as a real source of nutrition or does it see it as a toxin?

In business it is best to be mindful about expenses and be a good steward of the details. Time is money.  Do you want your ideal client to be the bargain basement hunter, looking for deals or do you want your ideal client to value your work?

I will leave you with some advice I received that helped me change my thoughts and my business.

Game changing advice from a multimillionaire, this was something his dad taught him.

  1. Delegate – if you can hire someone who charges less than you, then you hire them. No matter what stage you are at in business. You will find the money.
  2. Education – gives you access and an invitation to the party.
  3. Work hard and develop systems that are replicable.

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