The vitamin industry in the US has gone bananas. It is filled with confusion, false claims, snake oil, and pseudoscience. But this doctor is trying to spearhead a change.

Meet Kaushal Kulkarni, M.D. (Doctor K). He’s a board-certified ophthalmologist and one of the few people in the world who specialize in the eye-brain relationship (neuro-ophthalmology). And he’s spent the past decade of his life studying eye health and treating tens of thousands of people with all kinds of eye problems in clinics all over the country.

Recently, with more and more people spending hours a day on a digital screen–just like the one you are reading these words on–he has seen an increase in eye strain, tired eyes, eye fatigue, and blurred vision. And even worse, a risk for degeneration of the eye due to potentially harmful blue light.

Every day, Doctor K has friends, family members, and patients asking him one simple consistent question about it: “What can I take to improve and protect my vision?”

“The answer to this is actually very simple–and unlike any other area of the supplement industry, we have plenty of science to back it up.” Doctor K explains.

But unfortunately, the supplement industry is currently in disarray. 

These days there are so many supplements on the market, being sold to consumers everywhere. But almost none of them are formulated by a doctor or scientifically proven. 

These days, almost anyone can get up one day and decide to come up with their own supplement…and even worse, they can make it, bottle it, and sell it to you for a huge profit, without even any testing or FDA approval. 

“It’s actually very disturbing and frightening,” says Doctor K. “It’s unfair to the public. Because the average person has no way of knowing what is actually in these pills, where they were made, how they were made, if they were even tested, and most importantly, if the ingredients even work,” he explains.

He sees so many people being ripped off by purchasing generic vitamins from some company that they saw in a newspaper ad, over the internet, or on TV. The ingredients are usually randomly chosen, with random dosages that have no science behind them.

And Doctor K. suggests the worst fact of all is, they are from companies that just came up with the cheapest ingredients they can find, rather than consulting a real doctor or doing real clinical research.

After seeing thousands of people suffering from eye strain, tired eyes, and conditions like macular degeneration, and after seeing the absurd state of the supplement industry, Doctor K decided to make it his mission to change all of that. “The future of the vitamin and supplement industry should be based on real science, high quality, carefully sourced ingredients, with transparent labeling, and marketing,” he says.

The number one most important piece of advice he can give you is this: “Choose a supplement that is formulated and backed by a board-certified physician.”

We all know the vitamin and supplement industry in this country is completely unregulated. And there are a ton of products out there. But sit down and think about what Doctor K says for a second:

“If you had an eye problem, would you just go see anyone off the street and ask them to examine your eyes, diagnose your problem, and give you a treatment? If the answer is no… Then why would you take a supplement that isn’t made by a real doctor? Why would you risk putting something into your body that was made by someone that never went to medical school?”

He sees so many people make this mistake. And he doesn’t want you to be one of them.

“Our vision and eyesight is as important as life itself,” he concludes.

Utilizing thousands of hours of research and clinical studies, Doctor K has released two new eye supplements named blue blocker™ and optimeyes™, which will aid in health for this modern digital world.

The main benefits of these clinically proven products include, reducing muscular  degeneration by 30% according to a large NIH clinical trial, decreasing eye-strain and discomfort by 69%, and in turn increasing visual clarity and improving sleep quality.Moving towards the future, Doctor Kaushal has no plans on slowing down his passion for expanding upon his innovative supplements, creating a healthier tomorrow for everyone.