It’s really important to know if luck does really matter to be successful in life or not? How much significance does luck have in our lives? Is this luck who makes people successful or unsuccessful? How much part does luck have in our life?

If I was asked a closed-ended question, does luck matter in life? Then my answer was No.

But its not that much simple to understand. To make it clear how much significant luck is in our lives, you must understand what makes people lucky? Then you will be clear what is luck and how much valuable luck is in our lives.

First of all, you must understand who you may call lucky? A rich person? Or a person that is always appreciated everywhere? Probably, for both cases, your answer is yes.

The person you can think of lucky is the person that is appreciated in every field of life. You can also add that a person who has fewer constraints in life. And you think it’s because of luck? Right?

Actually, you got the right definition with a wrong philosophy.

It’s true that someone is lucky if he is appreciated and has less to suffer. But it’s not luck that’s ruling someone’s life. If someone is more conscious and has better techniques it does not mean that the person has better luck. It means the better self-education.

Jim Kwik has said that each ability can be developed. There is no ability that people have, it’s what they develop.

So, if a person is taking is better decisions about some matter it means the person has got better information to deal with the matter.

Let’s say, there are two persons one who is following the the right steps to success and the other person is struggling hard but is not following the right techniques. The first one has developed some of the most important success factors and the other don’t care. Who will get the better results?

Definitely the person who is taking the right steps. You might call him lucky, but what’s luck in this case? The self education is clearly the luck that matter in life.

Probably, you got my point and now you can better underhand what is luck and does it matter in life or not?

According to my philosophy that I believe in, everyone can be lucky if they try to be. And no one is lucky if he doesn’t work on self-improvements.