For freelancers and small entrepreneurs who work from home, remote work has become a reality for many who used to go office every day. Staying productive and isolating yourself from personal working from home can be challenging for some.

Today I would like to share some tips to help those freelancers or freelancers who want to maintain productivity working from home. The same applies to those employees who, due to the circumstances, work remotely.


To maintain a stable level of productivity it is necessary to establish a routine. A routine will help you differentiate your work life from your personal life, especially if you are a full-time freelancer. When you have established working hours, you are more productive.


When you work as a freelancer and have different clients, knowing how to organize yourself well is essential. A project management tool is a key to either managing your work with clients or the administrative part of your business. Also, I use a tool to count the time I spend with my clients (which I later used to the bill). As your business (and revenue) grows, accounting software makes your life a lot easier.

Workplace optimization

Regardless of whether your freelance job is full-time or extra money, it is important to establish a suitable workplace and with the right tools. A dedicated workspace at home can help you get into work mode, allowing you to focus and to be more productive – said by David Kovacs the founder of a web development agency, WeboldalKészítés IO. So we have a basic rule: whatever makes my life easier wins. Make sure you don’t have to waste a lot of time with IT matters, use tools and an operating system that you know. Choose a space to work with few distractions and comfortable. If you have to be on the phone for a long time and have children at home, a noise-canceling headset is ideal.


In addition to establishing a good routine, you should also make sure you take regular breaks. Our attention drops, and we lose focus if we try to keep working for hours on end, especially if you are working on a project continuously. If you work a full workday from home, be sure to take 10-15 minute breaks during the day. This will help you be more creative and productive, as well as help you see your work from a different perspective.


Emails, messages, and social media are a sure source of distraction. Setting times to check mail and messages helps you focus on the task at hand and help you be more productive. Silence all notifications and do the test.

As you can see, with a little organization and following these simple tips, you can stay productive and enjoy your workday.