does the soul grow

Is it possible for the Soul to grow?

Can you “make” it grow… force it? I’m not sure I’ve ever thought about it before now, actually. Have you? Is it something inside us at birth and it ages, as we do? Does it simply come along for the ride as an observer?

I’ve probably said the words, “No One Is Coming” to various clients over the past 3-6 months because I kinda like saying the phrase and mostly because I need to keep hearing the words myself.

Whoa, that went deep fast. Maybe the whole thing started off intense just from the title itself….yeah, I think so. Right?

So what does Soul Growth mean and the idea that “No One is coming” have to do with each other?

Let’s go there.

The amount of time I’ve spent looking for external solutions for internal problems is borderline crazy.

As in nuts.

After 40+ years of dieting, with a Google history that could question my stability, seeking any pill, drink, meal plan, tip, trick or dance routine that would promise I might lose it and never find it again, so help me God.

None of them worked long term- hence 40+ years of that craziness and I am in some of the very best company. (worldwide….maybe even you, my new found friend?) (p.s. I lost it all with none of that…hit me up and I’ll tell you how!)

But it doesn’t stop there.

Come see if any of this sounds like you too?

We search for partners to soothe us and jobs to save us from lives we don’t love.

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We seek debt repair because we’ve wrecked that part or maybe have the belief if only there were more money, that would solve everything.

All of life’s problems, somehow, someway can and will and should be solved by someone or something else.

Hence, no one is coming.

And that is the best news of all, although it may be a tad bit jarring to read.

The person for the job, all along, is us.

We are the Champions (cue the ?) and we are and have always been the person for the job.

Enter stage left. Soul Growth.

When we seek our own inner wisdom, our own inner intelligence, our own knowledge of what we need, life begins to take shape in exactly the way it could have all along, had we not hold on so tight and fought the flow of what was intended for us.

Breathe here! Seriously – I was holding my breath and didn’t realize it – so, in case you were too…


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Trusting that life is happening for us may feel like a giant leap for some.

The more we tap into our innate goodness, kindness, and humanity, the more ease life has.

The more we remember who we truly are, separate from the expectations, pressure, titles, roles , rules and all the other unimportant imposed power we’ve collectively handed over , the more peace inside we will have.

The more we slow down and listen to how things feel inside our body, the more aligned we become. If you ever wanted to lose the hustle, find alignment.

Blooming from within is our Soul awakening.

It is the human condition.

It is our birthright.

It is our homecoming.

It is breathtaking.


Let Love In♥️

xo, Ilyse

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