If you wish to live your best life, you must find ways to build your mental strength, which is essential to helping you live a good life. Just as you work out to stay fit and develop your physical muscles, you have to also pay attention to your mental health by employing cognitive tools and techniques. 

Reaching the highest level of mental health will enable you to keep doing what you love and build meaningful relationships with others. It will also help you to work on your self-esteem. A mentally strong person will not be afraid of taking risks, trying out new things, or coping with any challenging situation. 

You will first have to work on your mental strength to have a healthy mind. You can efficiently work on this as an individual over time by consciously making your personal development your priority. 

To successfully set goals and achieve them, you have to first work on your mental strength because it is never easy to achieve your goals. Hence when things become difficult, you will have the discipline to keep going. Mental strength will also boost your ability to continue to make the best choices to achieve your goals. Of course, you should always be aware that you cannot sacrifice what you want for momentary pleasures. 

To build your mental strength, one of the best things you can do is to find habits and little tips that you can practice throughout your day to maintain a high energy level. This will help you maintain a positive mindset and arm you with skills that will help you reach your goals.

With the following tips and techniques, you will be able to improve your mental strength, solve your problems and ultimately achieve your goals: 

Try to Label Your Emotions 

This involves naming your emotions. If you can attach names to how you feel, the intensity of your feelings will reduce, so whenever you feel sad, angry, anxious, or scared, try to accept what you are feeling. You can at least acknowledge it to yourself, if not to anyone else. 

It would be best if you also were attentive to the effect of these emotions on your choices. For example, whenever you are scared, you may not want to take some risks, or when you are happy, you may begin to act on impulses. 

By becoming more aware of your emotions, your chances of making irrational choices due to your feelings will reduce. 

Look For Healthy Ways To Deal with the Emotions You Are Not Comfortable with 

Attaching names to your emotions is only the beginning of the battle, as you will also require healthy skills that will enable you to control your emotions. For example, consider your present coping machinery and ask some valid questions. 

Do you sweat when you get nervous? Do you drink water to calm your nerves? Do you throw anger tantrums when angered, or do you curl up to your bed when you get anxious? Though these reactions can make you feel better for a moment, you will feel worse after some time. By finding ways of dealing with these habits, you will be able to relieve yourself of the tension that comes with these emotions. 

Find the best ways to cope with these emotions in the long term. They should be ways in which you can manage these emotions without causing any harm to your health, relationships, or goals in the long run. Always remember that things work for different people differently.

Try out different coping mechanisms and figure out the one that works for you. For example, you can try mindfulness, deep breathing, reading, singing, taking time out to retreat, or just taking a walk. There are different strategies that you may find helpful. 

Find Out Your Unhealthy Thought Patterns, and Replace Them with Healthy Ones 

As you already know, your thoughts significantly affect your actions. If you occupy your mind with negativity, you are going to act accordingly, and it will reflect on your mental strength. 

Be attentive to the way you think. You are going to observe that there’s a common theme in your thought patterns. It may be that you usually talk yourself into shying away from doing scary things, or you manage to convince yourself that someone else, like your spouse or parents, is in control of your life. 

It would be best if you met those unproductive or unreasonable thoughts with things that will help you more. Instead of thinking that you will not succeed, think about it as your time to show the world what you are capable of, so you are going to put in your best. By switching the conversations you have with yourself, you will arm yourself with the most important things you need to become successful. 

Take a More Positive Stance or Action 

Changing your attitude is your best bet to training your mind to see things differently and think differently. Try your hands out on difficult things and continue to do them even when it seems like you can’t. This will prove to yourself that you are stronger than you think and will also show the world that you are strong. 

Form daily healthy habits that will boost your productivity. Be more grateful, do more exercise, and sleep well. Eating healthy will also do your brain and body a lot of good. All of these will optimize your body to be at its best. You should also reach out to people who will motivate you to be the best version of yourself and find or create an environment that will contribute to your building a healthy lifestyle.   

Reflect on the Past, Live and Enjoy the Moment, and Make Plans for the Future 

Mentally strong people do look back at the things that have happened in the past and learn from the experiences or, let me say, honor the experiences. While they do this, they ensure they don’t get mentally stuck in the past, even if those times were their best. This is because they are well aware that the heavyweight of the past is capable of making the soul age. 

Those who are mentally strong understand the importance of the moment because they know there is no more precious time than the present as it is all they have. This is one of the reasons why they practice mindfulness. 

Take Calculated Risks 

To be mentally strong, you have to be prudent. Always have a plan for everything and all your days. You should estimate your options and point out the possible consequences of your actions. This is the only way you can make intelligent choices. 

This doesn’t mean that you cannot have big dreams; neither does it mean that you have to give up on challenging, worthy endeavors. Instead, it means that you have to prepare your mind to go high and beyond because you have built your mind to overcome obstacles and achieve the much-needed goals. It would help if you took risks, but try not to be reckless in taking those risks. Be aware of the fact that everything that you do has consequences, so you should be conscious of your actions. 

Engage in Mindful Happiness 

Always try to live in the moment by being comfortable with your happiness. This can be done by practicing mindful happiness. Just think about those times when you felt fulfilled or good about yourself and at peace with yourself. Hold on to that feeling and savor it all the time. 

Try to note how your body reacts to this feeling and how your thoughts suddenly change with the feeling. Your body will also alter with this feeling. Now, ponder on the general feeling that comes with it. You should always spend time in this happy mood and carry it with you. 

It would help if you kept in mind that this feeling of joy and happiness emanates from you, which means that it is always lurking within you, and it can always rear its head when you want it to. So the only thing you need to do is to stay mindful of the moment.   


  • Dr. Tomi Mitchell

    M.D | Leadership Coach| Wellness & Productivity Coach

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    Dr. Tomi Mitchell, MD, empowers executives, lawyers, doctors, business owners, and other leaders to eliminate burnout and increase workplace productivity and relationships.  She uses her three-step framework, Embrace, Evaluate & Energize, to empower her clients to have clarity. 

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