Don Welch

How big are your dreams? What is the greatest thing that you want to achieve in your life? Challenge yourself to dream bigger. Decide that you want more fulfillment for yourself. Your dream is the destination of where you want to be in the future.

Lots of us have dreams. We know what makes us happy, what we’d love to try out, and we may have a vague idea of how we’d go about it. But setting clear goals can be beneficial in several ways, above and beyond wishful thinking. Focus on progress, not perfection. If you can learn from your mistakes, you’ll become stronger and savvier, and this can help you become successful far faster.

Texas’ favorite rapper Don Welch is set to warm up Summer 2021 even further with his second full-length album, entitled “Anomali”. The “Melting Pot” emcee will guide us into the album via two singles dropping in April and May, respectively. In addition to effortlessly blending his influences, it’s that sort of extra vision and effort that separates Welch from most of the pack. He occupies the Blues-Rock, Country, and Outlaw Rap lane with a command and creative edge that I expect will take the industry by storm.

He says you can’t achieve success if you haven’t done anything. There’s no big financial reward just for showing up. You need to put in the time and energy into building something. After all, the most successful people are all creators.

With that being said, Welch recognizes that he has to be mentally and physically fit to navigate such a demanding and even cutthroat industry. He puts himself through a rigorous training routine each and every day. He says – “I have learned with the long hours and constant pressure that I have to wake up at 6 am and mentally get myself prepared for the day as well as physically. I wake up, run for 15 minutes, do 300 crunches and 150 push-ups every morning to keep myself physically healthy. I also take 20 mins to meditate to get my mind right.  Although to some people it may not seem like a lot, it’s vital and helps get me over the hump.”