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What gets you excited to wake up and get out of bed in the morning? What motivates you to do the things you don’t want to do? What do you look forward to doing? What makes you feel good in the processing of doing? What gives you a sense of accomplishment?

During the pandemic, while people have been confined to their homes, sheltered from co-workers, family, and friends, many have lost sight of the answers to the questions above.

As the country begins to open again, many are still in a fog. After more than a year of staying indoors, wearing pajamas day and night, many wearing out the seat in their sweatpants, some choosing only to shower occasionally, the thrill of life, the simple pleasures have subsided. Lethargic has become an understatement.

All you must do is look at the front window of most stores to realize that people are struggling to get back. Most businesses I’ve seen have a “Help Wanted” or “Now Hiring” sign hanging for all to see.

If you’re struggling to get excited, if you’re having a tough time getting a fire lit under you, start thinking about your fire starters!

These are the things you enjoy most. These are the people you get excited to see and be around. These are the things that challenge you and bring you a sense of accomplishment when you conquer them. These are the things you are passionate about.

The pandemic has caused the cases of depression and incidents of domestic violence to rise. Alcohol abuse and opioid overdoses have also climbed as flames within individuals have been put out.

I encourage you and those you know to start thinking about your fire starters. It’s time to re-ignite!

Just this past weekend reminded me of several fire starters and things you can do to reignite your fire.

I know several friends and family members had a wonderful time setting up for a baby shower. The laughter and joy they shared reminded me of how much pleasure we all find in helping others. Who can you help to start your inner fire?

I was blessed to be able to play baseball on Saturday morning. The sun was shining bright. The competition was good, and a terrific time was had by all. I was reminded how much we all need to get fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity. Motion creates emotion. If you’re struggling to ignite your inner fire, try some outdoor activity to get a spark. The more you can do with others, the bigger flame you can create.

Saturday afternoon was spent with family, friends, and friends of friends, at the baby shower. Being around like-minded people, sharing in the joy and optimism of a bright future, is sure to ignite your fire within. Meeting new people while rekindling relationships (especially after a pandemic) are sure ways to bring hope to everyone involved.

Saturday evening, my wife and I, enjoyed the season opener for Napa’s semi-pro soccer team. Being able to get out and support a team, an organization, or a cause, is a wonderful way to re-stoke your inner fire. Again, being around like-minded people is an amazing way to help you recognize what is meaningful to you.

Sunday morning was spent helping with the clean-up of the baby shower and recording of the generous gifts bestowed upon the expecting parents. It was a reminder that volunteering time to help clean up an area and assist people in the process is another sure fire starter.

While watching a couple put together the new baby stroller, their friendly, competition in figuring out what went where, I was reminded, the thrill of learning something new is another way to start your inner fire. I encourage you to challenge your mind on a regular basis. Whether it is putting something together for the first time, trying new routes to get somewhere, or something as simple as a crossword puzzle, stimulating your mind will not only help to light your inner fire, but it will also help to fight off dementia later in life.

To close out the weekend, we relaxed at home watching a movie. Relaxation, rest, and spending quality time with those closest to you, all help to rejuvenate you. This rejuvenation period is like putting the logs into the fireplace, preparing you for the next fire. I encourage you to find ways to rejuvenate and prepare yourself for what lies ahead. There will always be challenges. We must be grateful for each challenge. Without challenges, life would be boring. It is by our ability to meet challenges that we can measure our growth.

Finally, this morning, I was able to spend time mentoring an employee, not just with work, but with life in general. We were able to discuss what we are excited about this week, what we expect to accomplish, and the challenges we are preparing to overcome. I’m blessed my passion is helping others to grow and develop. I’m grateful I get the opportunity every day to pursue my passion. I hope and pray that you find a passion you can pursue daily. In doing so, you’ll always have a fire starter within you.

If you’ve forgotten your fire starters, I hope today’s post helps remind you of what stokes your inner fire. If your inner fire is burning bright, I hope you’ll help others to re-ignite theirs.

Remember, there is greatness within you. You must choose greatness. It won’t develop on its own. I believe in you!

“If you compete with others, you’ll become bitter.

If you compete with yourself, you’ll become better.”

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