Fans of the TV series Game of Thrones will know the line, “A Targaryen alone in this world is a terrible thing.” Fortunately, most of us won’t use dragons to lay waste to entire cities every time we feel lonely, but there is a lesson in there. When we are down on our luck or need support to achieve something big, it often cannot be achieved without the help of friends and family.  

For this reason, it is always good to build your relationships with those who matter most when the going is good, because you never know who you’ll need when times are tough. Now, I know it isn’t always possible to get along with every single member of your family or even those in your circle of friends, but most of us already know who will be there for us 10 years down the line, and it is these special people that we need to cherish.  

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For me, the following things are important when it comes to leaning on family and friends when motivation is hard to come by: 

  1. They know you 

One of the most important reasons why friends and family are so important when you need support is that they know exactly who you are at your most vulnerable. They have already seen you fail before, and they don’t judge you for it in any way. They also know just how much succeeding means to you, so the things that are important to you are also important to them. They are there to cheer you on when you do well, and to offer a shoulder to cry on when times are tough.  

2. Encouragement just works better when it comes from someone else 

It is no secret that if you want to succeed in this world, you need to know how to motivate yourself. This will always be true, but a word of encouragement from someone else can work wonders. A friend of mine was struggling for a number of years to give up smoking. One day, another mutual friend of ours who also knew of her struggles simply said, “I hope to have you around when I am much older”. These words were all she needed to make the final commitment and give up the habit for good. We never know how powerful the words of those we care about can be, another reason to cherish these relationships.  

3. Never lose sight of the bigger picture 

When you are goal driven, it is often easy to achieve one goal and just move straight on to the next one, without a moment’s pause. I have found it really helpful to take a moment and think about what has been achieved. This is not just an opportunity to pause and enjoy the progress, but also to think about the people who got you there. Be sure to thank them for all they mean in your life. Goals are temporary, but friendships should be permanent.