It’s one of the biggest issues when I start working with clients who are up-leveling their business:

They’re really good at what they do, but don’t know how to explain what it is they do!

Therefore their potential clients find their offers ‘too expensive’ or ‘right now just don’t have the time’.

Recognize this?

I sure do. I have so been there.

When somebody asks what you do, your heart starts beating faster, your hands get sweaty, and you wished you just had a simple phrase at hand.

Instead, you start a long-winded story, hoping with every sentence to get an approving smile of the person you’re talking to. And with every question mark, you see in their eyes; you start to use more words.

Oh man, I get bellyaches when I think of it!

Here’s what I tell my clients (listen closely because this is the kind of advice that can cause an instant breakthrough in your business):

  • op explaining HOW you work 
  • Instead, share the RESULTS your clients get. 

It’s that simple!

Instead of saying: “I am a quantum field healer who moves through infinite lifetimes and releases soul fragments from people who harmed you.”


“My clients have self-confidence issues that result in being underpaid and undervalued, and after working with me for a couple of months, they are full of confidence and land the high paying dream job they’ve always wanted.”

Or instead of saying:

“I make responsive WordPress websites using a high quality theme and essential plugins…”


“I make my clients websites that sell – so they can focus on what they love and have their calendar fully booked with ideal clients.”

See the difference?

Now try this out for yourself!

I’d love to read your description. What results do you create for your clients?