Mohd J Asfour

For any entrepreneur, thoughts are very easy but the difficult part of creating an entrepreneurial domain is strategized and execute those ideas. Only those who helm in the boat of success and know how to go through any hurdle in the business world. One such shining example who started from zero but today is one of the youngest ideal in business becoming “Youngest Jordanian Millionaire” is Mohd Asfour. A professional, disciplined young entrepreneur who knows how to bring any notion into real life by indulging in different business scenarios.

Started with the Woof Woof Services and then LR Miami, then LR clothing’s and now LR shoes. Expanding his brand value by investing in various ventures. He believes in investing more in different fields because he thinks that it gives him safety for the long term.

Mohd J Asfour sets an example for all the entrepreneur who wants to run their businesses. He focuses on himself, which helps him in thriving into so many streams. He metamorphoses challenges into opportunities. All these qualities in him make him one of the most daring entrepreneurs in America.

One of the most remarkable quotes, “The more you dream, the farther you get” and is what Asfour used to believe to achieve big visions since right off the bats. You have two choices in your life: You can either do what you’re “supposed” to do or you can do what you want to do. It might seem like the safest bet to follow what you’ve always been told to do, like go to a certain school, study a certain thing, be with a certain type of person, or whatever else has been dictated to you since birth. That does require less personal growth and decision-making, but it probably won’t make you happy.

He suggests to get clear on what you want to do. The number one reason why people don’t achieve their goals is that they don’t know exactly what their goal is, or they don’t know why they have a particular goal and why it’s so important to them. Having clarity on what your goal is, and why it’s meaningful to you, is what will make it possible to achieve it. More than that, this clarity will give you confidence that it’s the right thing for you – because you will have done all that exploration and research, and you will have made an intuitive decision on what feels right said Mohd.

Of course there’s a chance the thing you want to do won’t work out. The business you’ve always wanted to own could tank. The relationship you want to work out could fall apart. Even though there’s always the possibility of “failure,” it’s hard to regret going for something you want.

If it doesn’t work, then take a deep breath and rethink how you can make it happen in the future. Don’t regret going for something you want. Be proud of yourself for having the guts to go for it in the first place. Fortune favors the brave, you know he quoted.