Imagine what you think is the worst possible thing that could happen to you. Have you imagined it? Great, now imagine something way worse than whatever you just thought of.

No seriously, try hard here.

Whatever your mind came up with was probably not even close to how bad it can actually get. I mean, duh, why would anyone even write an article about something so self-evident?

Anyway, here’s my advice: Don’t say no to your dreams. If you have a dream of becoming rich and famous then don’t just give up on that dream because one day it could happen, you just don’t know it yet. Trust me on this one – it’s 100% true.

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And I guess if you don’t have any dreams at all, then just say yes to something that isn’t completely stupid. That’s how dreams start, after all – by saying yes to things that aren’t completely stupid.

I know what you’re thinking right now: This can not be that easy . In fact, you’re probably thinking it’s way too easy. And maybe even a little suspicious, because why wouldn’t someone write about something so obvious? I mean come on already!

Well guess what…it is that easy! Just trust me on this one and say yes to your dreams.

I used to fight my dreams by saying no, but then one day I just said yes and it worked. Ever since I started saying yes to my dreams everything has been going great.

I’m not even kidding right now – if you say yes to your dreams, all of your dreams will come true . All of them. You can not get away with saying no to your dreams because dreams always come true.

For example: if you dream of having a million dollars then saying no to this will result in you not having a million dollars…ever…for the rest of your life. But, on the other hand, if you say yes to your dreams by wishing for a million dollars and you don’t get it right away then that just means you have to say yes to your dreams some more. It’s as simple as that!

So, please, whatever you do don’t say no to your dreams because what you think is the worst thing possible happening might not be so bad after all – and even worse than what you can possibly imagine will happen if you say no to your dreams!

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This is how you can help yourself to think more positive :

1. Say yes to your dreams  – all of them, every single one! Don’t be picky and just say yes to everything that comes into your mind or you’ll never get anywhere.

2. Wake up and go back to sleep: This is a great way to keep your head in the game. If you don’t go to sleep and stay awake then you’ll be more likely to say yes.

3. Be yourself: Nobody can argue with that! If you’re not trying to be someone else then the world will know that you’re saying yes and following your dreams – it’ll be impossible for anyone to argue with that, since, well…you are yourself.

4. Don’t tell lies: Lies are lies and lies will always be lies, so don’t lie or else you’ll never get anywhere – especially if you lie to yourself about your dreams! No matter what the consequences might be, it’s definitely worth it to say yes and not lie.

5. Get friends involved: If you tell a friend about your dreams they’re sure to say yes, and maybe even help you figure out a pathway to success. You can’t go wrong with friends!

6. Ignore naysayers: People who don’t want you to succeed will always try and make you believe that saying no is better than saying yes. Don’t listen to them – they don’t know what’s best for you. They’re just trying to make it seem like they do because…well…they probably don’t.

So say yes to, well, everything and good luck .