You are known as the Financial Physician. What made you decide to become an accountant and tax strategist? 

Oh wow!  This dream started back in high school.  I had a teacher, Ms. Paramore, who mentored me and informed me of the opportunities available for individuals in the field of accounting.  Once in college I applied for Summer Internships.  One internship was with State Farm Insurance Company and the other was with DCAA.  As a result of working the internships, I was convinced this was the career path I wanted to explore. 

Tell us about yourself? 

I am an acclaimed bestselling author, nationally recognized advisory accountant and tax expert, international speaker and philanthropist. I am the Founder and CEO of My Financial Home Enterprisesa global financial firm providing comprehensive accounting, tax and business management services for businesses and individuals.  

I am the resident Money Matter’s Expert for FOX40 and my advice has been called upon by CBS This MorningNBC,ABCand FOX television stations.  I have been featured on the numerous radio shows including Radio One and iHeart radio, I’m a recurring voice to millions making regular appearances in various national media outlets, including  Black Enterprise,  Forbes, Women of Wealth, UpscaleThe Huffington Post,  and countless newspapers across the country.  Women of Wealth dubbed White, “Wealth Builder Extraordinaire.”  

In my down time, I’m enjoying leisure time with my family.  I enjoy traveling, outdoor events, reading, concerts and relaxing! Many have the misconception that I don’t have my down time; I’ve learned to balance life and work time. 

In your opinion why do you think so many people have problems with their finances?

It’s truly about the mindset and habits we’ve developed along with our environments.  Until people get rid of their welfare mindset, then they will continue to encounter financial problems.  For some, managing money comes naturally while for others it’s a battle.  In order to overcome the battle and win, you must go into Warrior mode.  True warriors win at the game of money!

What advice do you give to your clients to get their finances together?

Let’s start with making a commitment that we’re willing to set realistic actionable goals.  From there define the goal.  Once the goal is clear then it’s time to lay out the plan.  The plan should consist of  S.M.A.R.T. goals —

S – Specific  M – Measurable  A – Attainable  R – Realistic   T – Time Bound

And last but not least, you should have an accountability partner to hold you accountable when you fall short of your goals.   As America’s #1 Advisory Accountant and Tax Expert, I work with women often to help them get in alignment with the goals, dreams, and desires.

It’s Women’s History Month and you’ve definitely made history – The 1st African American Woman to Debut 5 Finance Books in One Day!  That is AMAZING!  Congratulation.    Can you share what the books are and how you did this?

The journey started out with a dream and desire to publish material for the community that would address questions that I’m consistently asked.  I wanted to “Pay It Forward” to all.  As I was writing, I started thinking what legacy am I leaving my family?  What can the books do for my family members as well as my community and the list of books started growing.  I was working on multiply projects all at one time but I never vison all 5 of the books debuting together.   

Dr. White’s book series range from personal to business finances to the woman seeking advice in the corporate America’s.  They are:

Books are available on Amazon.com.

You have faced many challenges in your life. Can you share one and how you overcame it? I don’t know if you want to share your personal story of abuse and how you overcame. I think it would be great to share and show other women that no matter what challenges they may face that they can get up and Win! Heal and be successful.

My road to financial success was not an easy one.  There were harrowing moments of her life —including her experience of falling in love with the wrong man and becoming a victim of domestic violence. The years of physical, psychological and verbal abuse from her ex-husband (who also suffered from substance abuse) took its toll, and the wife and mother of two finally decided that she had enough. However, my decision to make a change for myself and my children almost cost me my life. My faith and perseverance allowed me to bounce back after years of shame and financial ruin. Now, I seek to help others to make the necessary steps to live a life of authenticity and power.   “I want to serve as a witness to anyone who is experiencing a similar situation that the steps to bouncing back after financial ruin are absolutely attainable with resilience, discipline and faith.”

What is your definition of success?

When I think about Success, it think about believe.  If you believe you can, you will succeed.  Success is not giving up. Perseverance creates grit, grit achieves success!

What is next for you?

Well Thrive…the community comes first.  Empowering, educating and inspiring our communities to thrive.  My mission to help 10,000 women create winning money mindsets by providing tools and strategies to develop a plan to create the kind of wealth that leaves a secure financial legacy.

For those interested in writing their own book, my 4-week “Write Your Own Book Masterclass” will be available for registration beginning July 2019.  For more information stayed tuned to www.cozettemwhite.com.

I am the founder and creator of “Uplevel Intensive Weekend”. This is a bi-annual training for business owners and entrepreneurs to connect grow and prosper! We aim to help you generate wealth, promote inclusion and build networks to uplevel your business by taking action through our intensive mastermind. Our next mastermind training will take place during the Summer & Fall months.  Learn more at www.UplevelIntensiveWeekend.com.

What advice would you give to women? The ones who want to get their finances in order. Is it ever too late to start to learn and save for the future?  

A 2015 National Debt Relief Survey shows a large gender gap exists for debt, with 63% of women ages 18 to 34 carrying credit card debt, compared to 33% of men ages 18 to 34  having any credit card debt. Women often live paycheck to paycheck, finding themselves trapped this endless cycle.  This is heartening known we have the purse power.  

The first think I’d do is to start with a mental cleanse.   Go on a 21-Day Financial Fast where you only spend on critical things that you NEED not want.   Write down all your incoming cash receipts and all your outgoing expenditures so you have an idea what you are spending your money on.  At the end of the fast, take an assessment of where your money went.  After all in order to change the trajectory of your finances, you need to be the director in charge.  You need to navigate and tell your money where it should go.  If it should be going to the saving account, then YOU must navigate the money to the correct location.  

It’s never too late to start saving.  Start now and remember if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!

How can others connect with you?

Stay connected with me – 

·      LinkedIn – @cozettemwhite

·      Instagram – @cozettemwhite

·      Facebook – @cozettemwhite

·      Twitter – @cozettemwhite

·      YouTube – @drcozettemwhite

To learn more about my services –www.cozettemwhite.com

For media inquiries, including promotional photos, interviews, and booking requests, please contact (310) 908-9208 or by email to [email protected],


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