“That’s the secret in Hollywood for women who look 10 years younger” — THIS was something that I absolutely HAD to hear.  I was thrilled to sit down with friend and one of the world’s top dermatologists, Dr. Jeffrey Dover of @SkinCarePhysicians, for our latest Dr. Darria X. 
He shared some GOLD – including truth? There are only FOUR products that you need to use every single day to reverse skin damage and have baby’s butt soft skin (my words on the baby’s butt, not his 🙂 )
Here are his anchor 4: 

Some other nuggets that he shared: 
No matter how much damage you’ve done to your skin, with the above 4 products, you can reverse it. (Meaning there is hope for ALL of us). 
What about other stuff? Those trendy hockey-mask-looking things to stimulate your face? Peels? Lasers? It’s all in the interview. One thing that I LOVE about Jeff (amongst the many) is that he won’t let you waste your money on fads and trends. Which is why when I asked him for a list of 6 products, he said “No. FOUR.”. He has literally forbidden me to buy some fancy products at times! 🙂 You’re going to love him too. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pick up a new product. 

*Note – this version is the highlight version of the interview. For the full juicy details, go to my youtube channel to watch the entire interview.