If your child is struggling academically, it can be difficult to know exactly how to help or where to turn. You find yourself spending hours each night helping your child wrestle with homework or maybe it seems that no matter how much your child studies, they don’t perform well on tests. These types of learning issues are common. Finding out why your child is struggling is just as important as helping them to overcome the problem – otherwise, you’ll just be treating the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. Here are some steps you can take to help determine the best course of action.

Set Expectations & Provide Limits

It’s your responsibility as a parent to set the expectation that your child works to the best of their abilities. Some children may not give their best effort in school because they don’t see the value in education. They lack motivation. As a parent, you have the ability to make a difference in your child’s education. It’s okay to set limits on distractions such as phone time and video games. Make education a priority in your child’s life. Ensure that your child understands you don’t expect straight A’s, but that you want them to succeed and live up to their potential. Having an open dialogue with your child about what they’re doing in school shows them that it’s important to you. If it’s important to you, it will be important to them.  

Talk to your child’s teacher(s).

Communicate early and often. Sometimes the best way to figure out what’s going on with your child academically is to speak directly with the person responsible for their learning. Your child’s teacher can provide insight into what could be causing your child to have difficulties. Teachers have experience in identifying learning problems and can help determine the following:

  • Is your child putting in the necessary effort?
  • Are assignments being completed properly and handed in on time?
  • Does your child seem distracted or unable to focus during class?
  • Does your child seem to comprehend what they’re being taught in class?
  • Are there issues that might be causing a lack of progress (this could be anything from a class bully to your child having difficulty seeing the board)?

Teachers are there to help your child succeed, but they need your support to make that happen.. Having an open line of communication can help you get to the bottom of any learning issues that are occurring. 

Work on Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills allow us to process information, set goals, plan, and accomplish tasks. When it comes to learning, these skills affect your child’s ability to focus, manage their time, organize information and materials, regulate their emotions, initiate tasks, and reflect on their progress. Some students struggle with executive functioning skills and may need extra assistance in this area. 

Talk to a doctor.

Sometimes academic difficulties stem from health issues. If your child doesn’t seem to be progressing academically, it can be helpful to speak with a physician and make certain that your child does not have a hearing or vision problem. Health concerns like juvenile diabetes, ADHD, or anemia can affect academic success so it’s important to rule out health concerns. 

Request an Evaluation

If you’ve ruled out health concerns, and your child is struggling in school, having your child evaluated for a learning disability may be an option. If your child qualifies, the school will be able to provide learning support services and accommodations to help your child succeed. 

Enroll at The Tutoring Center™

Having someone, other than yourself, coach your child to academic success can be helpful in alleviating tensions over academics between you and your child. That’s where The Tutoring Center  comes in. Our centers are staffed with the best of the best. All of our Instructors hold Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degrees.  

Rather than becoming frustrated when your child isn’t progressing academically, take the time to talk with them and work with their teachers to address the issue. Set your child up for academic success by enrolling them at The Tutoring Center . Let our instructors make learning fun again through their unique approach to individualized instruction. Other tutoring programs only offer small group instruction, but at The Tutoring Center™, we provide a unique system of one-to-one instruction known as “The Rotational Approach to Learning™ ” which has been shown to not only improve academics but concentration as well. We’ll develop a personalized program to address your child’s specific needs and help them find academic success.

Your child can achieve success with your support and encouragement.

Article originally published on DrEdwardThalheimer.co