Dr. Jay Feldman is a pragmatic man when it comes to philanthropy. His company is currently in the news for aiding in the contribution of thousands of masks worldwide, hence making remarkable strides in combating COVID-19.

Dr. Feldman, who was born in Syracuse, New York, is all of 28 and currently making his name in the business world. The doctor is passionate when it comes to philanthropy, taking a stand against food and fitness inequality, and also creating an ideal exercise system that he hopes will set the bar high in terms of impact and efficiency.

Dr. Feldman graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors in Biological Science, where he was also part of themen’s volleyball team. He followed it up with adegree from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in NY, from where he graduated in 2019, where he served as chapter president of the American Medical Association.

Dr. Feldman states that his passion for helping others led him to pursue a profession in medicine, as he considered it the best way to make the world a better place. However, as time went by, he realized that the most effective way for him to help others was by using his medical knowledge and venturing into business.

He can now be described as a serial entrepreneur, founding multiple businesses over the years, such as Instelite – a social media marketing agency established in 2018 and Otter Public relations – a media agency in 2019. Last year he also founded Food Equality Corp – a non-profit dedicated to fighting food inequality, and more recently, he launched REX fitness. The latter was to help create an affordable and portable home exercise system that offers free (live and recorded) training and videos, combat fitness inequality, and even help with the improvement of health in low economic communities. Dr. Feldman is currently involved in another charity through his company Instelite, by aiding Penta Prosthetics in the donation of thousands of masks worldwide to help curb the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Other than helping save lives both as a doctor and a philanthropist through his businesses, Dr. Feldman is also a fitness enthusiast, and his passion for the same led him to develop his latest and most creative venture to date, REX Fitness. He aims to create a portable home gym that’s both accessible and affordable to everyone. He had observed that not all communities had access to even basic gym equipment to exercise, especially during this lockdown period. Dr. Feldman intends to change this by ensuring every household can install an affordable gym system and maintain a healthy lifestyle. He hopes to release his home gym equipment by the summer of 2020. Indeed, this young doctor is not only philanthropic but also a visionary businessman with a heart of gold.