A person’s psychological well-being and happiness used to be a distant consideration to job occupation and salary. Now, the value of a person’s mental health is emphasized rather than being labeled as a social stigma.

Dr. Jeff Comer, previously of Sitka, Alaska, now located in Arizona, is a Doctor of Psychology  who has served as the CEO of numerous hospitals over a duration of 20 years, examines the significance of a person’s psychological welfare in shaping their personal development.

Health and Happiness

Studies indicate that people with a greater psychological well-being tend to experience healthier and lengthier lives, Jeff Comer concurs. Their quality of life is naturally augmented, too, because they encounter fewer social problems in general. Research proves that people with high psychological welfare are less likely to fall prey to negative stimuli and conditions, such the abuse of drugs or alcohol, stress induced psychopathology, or major depression. Positive psychological health also projects higher earnings and a propensity to be pro-social. To summarize, some of the major benefits of a constructive psychological well-being include: life satisfaction, optimism, forgiveness, vitality, self-regulation, life meaning and purpose, helping others, spirituality, and strong social relationships.

Power of Positivity

A person with strong psychological outlook will think in a more positive manner and possess a greater outlook on life, CEO Jeff Comer states. To reinforce this positivity, especially when you are encountering difficulties, you can take a few minutes and contemplate on all of the potential uplifting moments that could be waiting for you in the future. Envision how you will be enjoying your time and who you will be sharing it with, while also developing a plan with attainable goals that can eventually make it materialize. Another way to keep yourself positive is through visualizing and re-experiencing previous memories, such as a family gatherings, personal accomplishment, or when a lifetime friendship was established. Remind yourself of how good life has been and how much more there is to experience, as it will constantly boost your psychological welfare.

Cultivating Relationships

Loneliness and detachment are perhaps two predominant factors leading to poor psychological welfare, CEO Jeff Comer stresses. One study concluded that being lonely was as psychologically and physiologically detrimental as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. When you cultivate a strong psychological outlook, you develop deep connections with other people, which can further  your overall happiness. All of these social practices are essential throughout every chapter of our lives and they provide us with a support system that reinforces a positive mental outlook and health.